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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Christmas and special QB news

You might have noticed we've been a little bit quiet on the blog these last couple of weeks, but don't worry, we're not running away. We've been busy little bees, working away on something very exciting. A brand-spanking-new website is on the horizon for Queensland Brides. It's going to be full of new content and a whole new way of getting you wedding inspiration, or as we've taken to calling it "Wedspiration".

We're launching our new site in January so be sure to head over to our Facebook page to get your QB fix until then.

Happy Christmas!


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Friday, November 29, 2013

Honeymoon Month Competition!

We've reached the end of November and of Honeymoon Month. We hope you've discovered a potential location for your special holiday. But remember, even though Honeymoon Month is over, you can still get great inspiration and keep the dream alive through Holidays for Couples. Their website has a great selection of articles and deals from locations around the world to get your holiday off the ground. 

To celebrate the end of our special month, Queensland Brides have teamed up with Holidays for Couples to inspire your holiday dreams a little more. We're giving away TEN two-issue subscriptions to Holidays for Couples magazine.



We couldn't spend as much time as we'd have like on all the different honeymoon hotspots around the globe. But we have put together a small selection of articles that might keep you dreaming... 

7 reasons to honeymoon in Vietnam
Vietnam may sound like the antithesis of a honeymoon destination, but the country that once was the subject of war movies has a surprisingly rich and colourful story to tell travellers. With numerous atmospheric corners to explore, a world-famous cuisine and fascinating heritage, Vietnam holds all the elements for an unforgettably exotic honeymoon.

The Ultimate Gaelic Honeymoon - Discover Ireland's Ballyfin 
Ballyfin was erected in 1826 by Sir Charles Coote, Premier Baronet of Ireland, and was a statement of just how wealthy and prestigious the Cootes were. Life was wonderful for the wealthy then and no expense was spared when the Cootes set out to create their Irish masterpiece - lavish artworks and furnishings were the order of the day, and a grand trip throughout Europe saw them return from Italy with an authentic mosaic floor, still greeting guests at the entrance today.

Positano Honeymoon
Italy and romance go hand in hand – but in Positano, their fingers are intertwined in the most loving of ways.

The Honeymoon That Gives Back: Voluntourism
‘The honeymoon that gives back’ – could there really be such a thing? A romantic escape which fuses romance, seclusion and luxury with the heart-warming gesture of giving back to the local community? Here at Holidays for Couples, we began to wonder if this fabled honeymoon could really exist … and after a bit of digging, we’re pleased to announce that it most certainly does – in droves!


For a guide to the most romantic accommodation collections which are perfect for your honeymoon browse: 


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Thursday, November 28, 2013

5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Australia

Australia's 15 Dreamiest Beaches 
So our last destination feature of honeymoon was incredibly hard to narrow down to just five reasons why you'd want to honeymoon here.

1. Natural Wonders: From the spectacular arid desert and monolithic Uluru, to the many World Heritage listed national parks and the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Ocean Road, Australia is one of the most diverse and jaw droppingly beautiful habitats on Earth.

2. Wine & Dine: With a multi cultural infusions of European flair and Pacific Rim ingredients (including some of the world's best seafood), washed down with world class wines and the coldest of fresh brews, this is a foodie's paradise!

3. Cool Cities: There's the boutiques, restaurants and nightlife of buzzing Sydney, the alleyway cafes and hip bars of Melbourne, the subtropical splendour of the 'River City' Brisbane, the creative scene of Perth, the gastro pubs and live music scene of Adelaide and Hobart and the outdoor markets and artistic culture of Darwin. Every city has a different personality!

4. Self Drive: The best way to really appreciate the many sights of the Australian landscape is to hire a car and hit the tarmac for the quintessential Australian road trip! Aussies love a good off road adventure too - the long stretch of beaches and islands like Fraser Island off Queensland's coast are just made for 4WDs!

5. The Top End: Spend the night on a traditional working sheep station, camp out under an outback sky. Learn dreamtime stories from the Aborigines and go walk about through the Red Centre. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kakadu National Park where you can and swim in fresh waterholes. Australia's Top End is an adventure like no other

And of course we've put together our favourite articles to help you pick the best spot in Australia for your dream honeymoon: 

Fraser Island: The quintessential honeymoon destination 
Fraser Island: The quintessential honeymoon destination
The stuff of dreams, World Heritage Listed Fraser Island has a rich history and biodiversity to match. One of the few places on Earth where rainforests flourish in the sand, the verdant forest is home to...

Australia's 15 Dreamiest Beaches 
Australia's 15 Dreamiest Beaches
From sexy seaside escapes to intimate coves and coastlines of sunshine and gold, Craig Tansley has found a showy stretch of sand to make every heart race. Check out the full list...

O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat
Choose the Gold Coast as your perfect honeymoon destination
With the largest number of attractions in the southern hemisphere, the Gold Coast will fulfill all your honeymoon needs, and make the time spent celebrating each other's company truly special... 

Whitsundays Wonderful
Whether you’re planning the perfect honeymoon, romantic holiday or long weekend getaway, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable experience in the Whitsundays...

For a range of honeymoon packages, browse Holidays for Couples romantic accommodation collection.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Hawaii

A Hawaiian Love Affair 
We can only fit two more destinations in Honeymoon Month... we sure hope you've found somewhere that tickles your fancy, but if you haven't, perhaps our next destination will be just the ticket: 

Top 5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Hawaii

1. Affordable luxury: With that seductive Aloha spirit and incredible islands and beaches that are home to award-winning resorts, fabulous restaurants, beachfront cabanas and day spas, tropical luxury is everywhere in Hawaii!

2. Wine & Dine: Hawaii offers up a feast for all tastes and moods. Enjoy traditional Hawaiian food at an authentic luau (accompanied by hula performances and ukelele!) for the most memorable dining experience.

3. Variety: With six main islands, each with its own distinctive look and personality, Hawaii offers adventures and chill out time like no other. Active couples will love the world class golf courses, whale watching, diving, snorkeling, and - of course - surfing! And with plenty of intimate hideaways to discover, romance comes naturally.

4. Proximity: Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu serves as the entry point for most visitors with major domestic carriers and many international carriers getting you here from just about anywhere in the world.

5. Shopping: From 100% Kona coffee grown on the plantations of the Big Island to quaint shops, lively bazaars and fashions from the bustling boulevards of Waikiki, you'll want to take a piece of this paradise home with you!

We've discovered four articles on Holidays for Couples that might convince you that a Hawaiian honeymoon is your dream: 

Follow the Sun: Hawaii 
Follow the Sun: Hawaii
When it comes to an idyllic island holiday Hawaii holds every ace in the pack because there’s an island to suit everybody no matter what it is that rocks your holiday boat... 

Follow the Sun: Maui and The Big Island 
Follow the Sun: Maui and The Big Island
If you’re a couple who love to hit the little white ball around a manicured green before giving yourself over to the magical ministrations of a talented masseuse you’ll find the islands of Maui and Hawaii (the ‘Big’ island) a golfer’s paradise... 

Follow the Sun: Kauai 
Follow the Sun: Kauai
If ancient mythology is true and the gods did make the islands of Hawaii then they saved their best work for Kauai, known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world – and for good reason... 

A Hawaiian Love Affair 
A Hawaiian Love Affair
he islands of Hawaii have been a siren call to travellers for hundreds of years and now with the Aussie dollar in the stratosphere and more flights from the east coast including the new Hawaiian Airlines flights direct from Brisbane, it's Australians by the thousands who are enjoying a love affair with these amazing islands. 

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