Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Win your spot on our People's Choice Judge panel & get the full QB treatment!

Would you like to rub shoulders with some of Queensland's top fashion designers AND have a fun day/evening out with the team from Queensland Brides?

  Every year Queensland Brides magazine hosts the Queensland Brides Design Awards which is staged at the Queensland Brides Wedding & Honeymoon Expo – this year it's Friday night, 12th October.

We are looking for three judges – you and two friends – to be our People's Choice Judges.

What will be required of you?
You and two friends will need to come along to the Brisbane Convention Centre on Friday 12th October from 3.30pm to 9pm. You will sit on our judging panel and help judge the Designer segment of the awards.

We will treat you well and also, as thanks for being judges, each of you will receive a fabulous Goodie Bag including champagne, chocolates and dinner for two. You will also be invited to our after party.

Sound like fun?
All you have to do is tell us in 25 words or less why you and two of your best friends would like to be People's Choice Judges and await our call on the 5th of October!

QB x

Monday, September 24, 2012

Designer to Watch

With the Queensland Brides Design Awards just around the corner – 12 October to be exact! – we're putting the spotlight on an exciting new talent, Rayner Lee from Regalia Bridal Collection. As a Runner Up in the coveted People's Choice category in 2011 and in the Avant Garde category in 2010 Rayner's creative style caught our eye as one to watch …

Queensland Brides: What first inspired you to start designing bridal?

Rayner Lee: I draw my creative inspiration from things I am passionate about, like artworks, oil painting, and small piece of antique furniture. Also elements of nature have spawned some of my designs.

QB: Do you have any favourite fabrics or styles you love working with?

RL: I enjoy toying around with silk organza. The way of this fabric can be so easily moulded and allows me to experiment with endless possibilities.

Rayner Lee with one of her award winning designs

QB: If you could have a dream outfit made, which designer would you choose? 

RL: I guess Yves Saint Laurent is the one.

QB: Can you sum up the Regalia Bridal Collection bride in just a couple of words?

RL: Distinctive, elegant

QB: Without giving all your secrets away, what do you have planned for the upcoming 2012 Queensland Brides Design Awards?

RL: This year, I plan on going more contemporary feel to blend the timeless elements of 19th century with more modern designs. I just hope everyone like them.

QB: What are you most looking forward to about the awards night?

RL: Seeing how my creations look up there on the stage of course! I am just hoping that mine will make an impression among what’s sure to be an amazing line of designs.

QB: You were recently a Runner Up in the Avant Garde category 2010 and also in the all-important People's Choice Awards in 2011. What did those accolades mean to you?

RL: Winning 2010 was, to say the least, an unexpected surprise. Since then the award has acted as a sort of stepping stone for what I hope will be another step in innovation and creativity.

QB: What's next for Regalia Bridal Collection?

RL: In the future I would hope to diversify my collection, adding my own personal touch to different eras of inspiration, or even new trends that arise in the near future. 

QB: Where can we find your stunning designs?

RL: I will open a brand new bridal store at 62 High Street Toowong by the end of this month. It will showcase around 200 wedding gowns and formal wear.  People can also find our new designs online at www.regaliabridal.com.au 

We can't wait to see what Rayner delivers in her future collections! Whatever it is, we're sure it will be stunning. 

Still looking for more bridal inspiration? Take a look at Thomas and Jess'  beautiful outdoor affair full of native flowers, sprawling marquees, and hanging paper lanterns. One of the most impressive outdoor weddings we've ever seen! 

You can find more gorgeous real life weddings in this month Queensland Brides and follow us on facebook and twitter for hot tips and updates throughout the week.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Nifty Neon

Nothing creates more of a party atmosphere than neon, and if you're aiming for a more celebratory, relaxed atmosphere this could be an amazing set of colours for your wedding! 

We're not talking 80's flashbacks of acid green leg warmers or glow sticks - neon does have a sophisticated side, even if it is a playful one.

The trick to steering your wedding away from a 90's rave vibe and towards a sleek theme is to use neon in moderation. 

(First two images clockwise from top left - http://www.100layercake.com/ Bottom right - http://www.stylemepretty.com/ Bottom left - Frosted Indulgence)

Tiny bursts of bright pink, green and yellow in garlands, place cards or decorative twine is ideal. Multi-coloured neon bridesmaids dresses… not so much.

Neon theming needs to be kept fresh and crisp, so try teaming with plenty of white or grey for a really modern look. Steer clear of black or other dark colours - we don't want to venture into disco territory now!

(Images - http://bklynbrideonline.com/)

Neon is also a fun choice for guest outfits. For just a pop of fluoro try a necklace, cuff or subtle pair of earrings. 

Or, if you're looking to make a statement, why not try top to toe neon taking inspiration from Christopher Kane's 2011 Spring Collection. 

(Images - Christopher Kane Spring 2011 via http://www.style.com/)

Team with beige or other neutrals for instant neon chic!

QB guest blogger, Alex  x

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday I'm In Love : Bold Black

Black's endurance in wedding styling is truly astounding. What used to be considered a rather avant-garde theming colour has morphed into an elegant, chic modern staple.

Forget history's stuffy connotations which relate black to all things dark, evil and mysterious - black is officially hot!

(Images, first three cakes clockwise from top left - Frosted Indulgence Bottom left - French Patisserie

Black and white would have to be the most obvious pairing. A monochromatic palette is sleek and sophisticated, the perfect foundation for accent colours or simply used on their own. 

Introduce through elements such as tailored Parisian stripes, fluffy hydrangeas within oversized black urns or a bold black and white flock pattern. This colour combo can be incorporated into almost every wedding element.

(Images, clockwise from top - QB featured wedding of Alexandra Cordwell and Edward Mills, PrimaDonna Stationery, PrimaDonna Stationery, Monograms Fine Papers, PrimaDonna Stationery)

Black can also be a striking feature on wedding gowns. Forget those visions of dark, gothic monstrosities! A delicate spray of black beading could completely change the feel of an otherwise simple dress. 

(Images, rings - Hollywood Style Dress - Wendy Makin Couture)

(Images from left - A Touch of Romance, Wendy Makin Couture)

Take a look at our Art Director Lauren's beautiful wedding gown she wore at her recent South African nuptials - the black, silk waist tie is an absolute winner.

Black jewels can also make a striking, sophisticated statement. For a modern take on the engagement ring, why not surround your feature stone in small, black diamonds? 

(Image - Stephen Dibb)

Or, for the more daring, take inspiration from Carrie's black diamond engagement ring featured in the Sex and the City movie, a perfect option if you too are "unlike anyone else".

 (Image - Fletcher and Grace)

Stay tuned for next weeks feature colour theme ... NEON.

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QB guest blogger, Alex  x
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