Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday I'm In Love : Bold Black

Black's endurance in wedding styling is truly astounding. What used to be considered a rather avant-garde theming colour has morphed into an elegant, chic modern staple.

Forget history's stuffy connotations which relate black to all things dark, evil and mysterious - black is officially hot!

(Images, first three cakes clockwise from top left - Frosted Indulgence Bottom left - French Patisserie

Black and white would have to be the most obvious pairing. A monochromatic palette is sleek and sophisticated, the perfect foundation for accent colours or simply used on their own. 

Introduce through elements such as tailored Parisian stripes, fluffy hydrangeas within oversized black urns or a bold black and white flock pattern. This colour combo can be incorporated into almost every wedding element.

(Images, clockwise from top - QB featured wedding of Alexandra Cordwell and Edward Mills, PrimaDonna Stationery, PrimaDonna Stationery, Monograms Fine Papers, PrimaDonna Stationery)

Black can also be a striking feature on wedding gowns. Forget those visions of dark, gothic monstrosities! A delicate spray of black beading could completely change the feel of an otherwise simple dress. 

(Images, rings - Hollywood Style Dress - Wendy Makin Couture)

(Images from left - A Touch of Romance, Wendy Makin Couture)

Take a look at our Art Director Lauren's beautiful wedding gown she wore at her recent South African nuptials - the black, silk waist tie is an absolute winner.

Black jewels can also make a striking, sophisticated statement. For a modern take on the engagement ring, why not surround your feature stone in small, black diamonds? 

(Image - Stephen Dibb)

Or, for the more daring, take inspiration from Carrie's black diamond engagement ring featured in the Sex and the City movie, a perfect option if you too are "unlike anyone else".

 (Image - Fletcher and Grace)

Stay tuned for next weeks feature colour theme ... NEON.

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QB guest blogger, Alex  x

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