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Friday I'm in Love : Thomas & Jessica

Thomas and Jessica submitted their real life wedding online. I opened the first image in their submission and my jaw proceeded to drop! I promptly emailed the couple with permission to blog and here it is.  What a couple. - QB Web Mistress

How Thomas and Jessica Met

Thomas and I meet at Indy on the Gold Coast. A girlfriend and I went down from Brisbane for the weekend to stay with her boyfriend, who was living in Mackay at the time. Thomas was also living in Mackay and staying on the Gold Coast with my friend's boyfriend. We got along really well but it wasn't until I went back to Mackay for uni holidays (my Dad lives there) that we started seeing each other. We ran into each other at a pub while having dinner and spent the rest of the night and well, forever – together.

No. of Guests
90 guests including the bridal party

First Dance Song 
Ruby Love by Cat Stevens

A Modern Twist on Vintage Glamour

Thomas had the ring for awhile and kept taking me on romantic holidays, it was beautiful torture. We even went to Sydney and did a Champagne sunset harbour cruise. Eventually he swept me away one afternoon after work to Moreton Island for a night. We spent the whole day on the beach hanging out, and at dusk he insisted that we go to watch the sunset over the wrecks. We raced down there and he asked me to turn around. He wrote "Will you marry me?" in the sand and knelt down with the sun setting behind him. I made him ask me out loud and once I said "yes" we cuddled on the beach crying until it was dark.

I put together my wedding dress and designed and had my peplum made. I loved it because it was unique and a true expression of my personality. My dress had a long version and a short version which I think was a nice surprise for guests. I also organised the decorations and had friends do it on the day. I really enjoyed the process and allowing friends to have input.

Key Styling Inspiration
Probably the biggest thing was allowing the bridesmaids to pick their own dresses out of a basic colour range. This way they got dresses they loved and it truly did look unique. We used Australian flowers too, which turned out quite stunning. Thomas was born in England so his family was impressed with the range and specialness of the flowers. We used bubbles and sparklers to make everything magical. For the ceremony I had a horse-drawn carriage and a harp and violinist. For me, this made the day.

Funniest Moment
Funniest moment on the wedding day was cutting the cake. We had a two layer cake but didn't realise there was cardboard in between the layers. Thomas was sawing away as a joke and making silly faces. I was stressing out smacking his hand, telling him to stop and try to look normal. The photos are hilarious.

Special Memory
Probably the first thing that comes to mind is our first holiday together. We had been seeing each other for about a month and I went to Mackay to visit Thomas for the weekend. He planned a surprise getaway to Daydream Island in the Whitsundays for two nights. While we were there I was taking a photo of him and told him to "smile like he loved me." He turned around and said "I love you" and then blushed and got really embarrassed because it was still pretty early on in the relationship.

Special Thanks
Biggest thanks goes to my beautiful bridesmaids, each helped me in their own way. Another mention needs to be made for Chloe Jensen who did an amazing job of coordinating the decorators and being on my back about decoration requirements.

Advice / Comments
Try to prepare yourself for all the moments in the day. I really only prepared myself for the ceremony and felt a little overwhelmed at the reception. Also try to eat during the day! In planning - don't get bogged down in the little stuff.  Sometimes it is more important to be kind and inclusive then it is to be perfect.

Ceremony: Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens
Reception: Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens
Wedding Gown: Collete Dinnigan - Crochet: Karen Willis Holmes-  Tulle and Paddington Brides - Peplum
Bridemaid's Dresses: Allanah Hill and Review
Groom's Suit: Roger David
Groomsmen's Suits: Roger David
Decorator: Chloe Jensen
Flowers: Rocklea Flower Markets
Makeup: Blissfull Beauty
Cake: Chesecake Shop
Transport: Champagne Carriages
Stationery: Allanah Rose
Music & Entertainment: Dolce Musica
Photographer: Feather and Stone
Celebrant: Winnie Watson Bride's 
Wedding Ring: Canturi
Groom's Wedding Ring: Stephen Dibb
Engagement Ring: Canturi

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week! 


Web Mistress - QB x

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