Friday, May 31, 2013

Come on get Pin-Happy!

We're feeling a little bit pinhappy this morning, we've been snooping around our boards and have discovered our most pinned styles, ideas and products to date...
Get down to basics and create these tasty treats for your guests. Find yourself a great recipe, some classic glass jars and some lettered stickers to make this yummy gift. 

Brisbane Polo Club
Oxfords for the men and peep-toes for the women... gloriously red for the bride of course!

Sentani Boutique
Sentani Boutique stock these fabulously romantic bridesmaids' dresses. The soft and flowing pink fabric has an air of the ethereal.

We LOVE Grace Kelly's classic elegance. Don't you?
Wedding of Kylie + Chris | CKMetro Photography
Cream and pink roses look charming nestled amongst the purple and pink wildflowers.

Wedding of Fiona + Troy | Studio Sixty Photography
Red Bull to keep your guests partying all night, and stripy straws for whimsy.


 Vintage inspired bangle from Love-It Jewellery. We 'Love It'!
Frosted Indulgence
Get your glam on with this white cake from frosted indulgence. Bling for the bow and flowers for the topper.
Wedding of Jessica and Jarrod | Adori Studios
Warm sunshine on your shoulders, palm-trees swaying in the wind, sparkling water behind you ... what more could you ask for?
Wedding of Craig and Stacey-Lee | Sophie Baker Photography
Stacey-Lee looks a million bucks with her loose hairstyle and stunning makeup. We envy this look!

We love pinning and we know you do to. Find us on Pinterest for the ultimate pinspiration!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Colour palette highlight: orange and grey

We've been featuring a lovely lot of orange wedding inspiration this week. Just because Autumn is almost over, does not mean that orange cannot be used in the colder months. Here is our very favourite orange colour palette that is perfect for the cooler months ahead.
Left to right:
Hayley and Callum (Wedding Love Photography) | Madelynne and Santiago (Red Apple Photography) | Iman and Karina | Josh and Aimee (Kye Norton Photography) | Troy and Johanna (Adore Photography) | Troy and Johanna (Adore Photography) | Madelynne and Santiago (Red Apple Photography) | Hayley and Andrew (Affordable Wedding Photography)
Orange and grey is becoming a popular colour scheme for weddings, and no doubt does it look fantastic! Grey can really make the orange colour pop no matter what shade you use, and the grey is a perfect colour for the upcoming cold weather.

Thanks to our guest contributor Stephanie for this week's orange love!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Orange you glad to have bridesmaids? Orange bridesmaids' fashion we love

With so many shades to choose from, orange can be a stunning colour on any bridesmaid. For a bit of orang-spiration we've collated some of our favourite bridesmaid's gowns just for you ...

Image from the wedding of Andrew and Natalie | Stewart Ross Photography
Dresses available from Casar Elegance and Brides of Brisbane
Image from the wedding of Andrew and Hayley
Spurling Formalwear
Image from the wedding of Hayley and Callum
Dresses available from BellaDonna Bridal 
Image from the wedding of Natasha and Roman
Thanks to our guest contributor Stephanie for this week's orange love!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Palette Inspiration! Using orange as an accent colour

This week is all about orange and we have some more ideas on how to include it in your wedding.

Orange can be quite bright, and occasionally overbearing, which sometimes turns brides away from using it in their colour scheme. But orange is beautiful and vibrant colour, it is perfect for accents. Think subtle apricot coloured bridesmaid gowns and soft peach coloured roses for an elegant and romantic Autumn wedding. These softer orange hues can be used subtly for a natural and warm wedding look. Here's our recommendations ...

Image from the wedding of Andrew and Natalie | Stewart Ross Photography
Bridesmaids dresses
If orange is your favourite colour, why not choose to have your bridesmaids wear orange? There are so many shades to choose from so you can go as bright or as subtle as you like!

Capalaba Park Florist
Floral arrangements
Beautiful blooms come in many shades of orange. Roses, carnations and gerberas are a few favourites, which look fantastic in bouquets or to decorate your wedding venue.

Wikimedia Commons
The devil is in the details
Don't let orange overwhelm your wedding. For brighter hues of orange, try and stick to subtle accents, like on a cute stripy straw, or the icing of cupcakes?
For a pastel orange, you can be a bit more heavy handed and it won't cause a fuss. Dinnerware, tableclothes, and elegant flower arrangements are just a few of many options.

Thanks to our guest contributor Stephanie for this week's orange love!
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Palette Inspiration: Orange!

May is just about finished, and we're sadly waving goodbye to the glowing months of autumn. This is a beautiful time of year, where the dewy sunlit days and vibrant colour changes in the leaves are truly extraordinary. To celebrate our last week of Autumn, we're going to share some fabulous ways to incorporate our favourite rusty hues into your wedding.

When thinking about Autumn, warm and earthy colours such as orange, yellow, rust, and brown come to mind. Here are a few examples from previous weddings that have embraced this warm colour.

Embrace Bohemia!
Deep orange hues are well suited to our bohemian brides. We love this combination of floral headpieces and the russet tones of the bridesmaids' dresses. 
Milque Photography & Films
Milque Photography & Films

Accessorise in Apricot
We love these bright and bold ties on these happy groomsmen.
Image from the wedding of Hayley and Andrew

A Flurry of Florals
Slip some orange into your florals to brighten up your bouquet. 
Blooms of Noosa
Image from the wedding of Josh and Aimee

Pastel Perfection
For a sly touch of orange, use it as a complimentary colour in your cake design. The mismatch of patterns is subtle but captivating.

Porfyri Photography
Check back tomorrow for more orang-spiration.

Thanks to our guest contributor Stephanie for this week's orange love!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

1920s Wedding Fashion

Here is our very last 1920s wedding inspiration, and we've save the best for last - fashion!

Drop it like it's hot! 
From the wedding of Paulina and Hilton  | Casey Jane Photography
The 1920s are known for their cool-cat styling. That baggy, long look you think you know is a result of the drop-waisted style that elongates the torso. 

Beady Buzz 
Photo: Villa Collezione via Flickr
To match those dropped waists you need some length bling to stay styling. Think about some faux, or even real, pearls to get that 1920s look. 

Get the low down 
From the wedding of Paulina and Hilton  | Casey Jane Photography
Really let your dress do the talking with a dipped back. No matter how low you go, you'll be sending off those vintage vibes.

Detail Savvy
LeLuxe Clothing
Glass beads and sequined decorated gowns are sure to go down a real treat, intricate vintage designs are stunning. 

For Him 
Wedding of Ryan and Rhianne. Photo Adori Studios
Skinny ties and bow ties, suspenders, classically cut suits, smoothed-back hair... sound familiar? Yep, men's 1920s fashion is popping up all around us. If you're beau wants to dress vintage, simply spin him around three times and let him wander off, he's sure to come back dressed for the occasion without even trying. 

Fringe Frenzy 
LeLuxe Clothing
1920s flappers were famous for the delicate fringed hems of their gowns. If this look is too much for your wedding gown, think about getting your bridesmaid's involved. 

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Groovy Gatsby - 1920s Hair and Beauty styling

Congratulations to the winners of our competition who have won tickets to the opening night of The Great Gatsby next week. To celebrate the release of the film we're having a 1920s inspired week of wedding styling. Today is hair and beauty! Here are our tips to get that Gatsby glamour...

Head's will roll 
Kim Snare Hair & Make-up Artistry
Glam up your 'do with a stunning head piece. Whether it be diamante, faux pearl, or feather encrusted, you'll be right on trend. 

Finger waving 
Smoke and Mirrors Beauty
We don't mean wave goodbye, we mean hair waves! Cropped short hair looks stunning with finger waves, even longer styles can get involved -- try an elegant bun for your lengthy locks, and finger waves around your face. 

Luxe Lashes 
The Brow Bar
The eyes are the windows to the soul, but the eyelashes are the beautiful curtains! Make your peepers pop with some false lashes. 

Rouge Red 
Casar Elegance
Darker hues for your lips are the ultimate styling cue taken from the 1920s. Those deep tones will bring out the subtle angles of your lips to really give you that 1920s mystique. 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1920s Wedding Decor

We're counting down the days until The Great Gatsby is finally released. We thought we'd spend our time productively by collating some 1920s wedding inspiration for our lovely brides-to-be. Without further ado, here are some rip roaring twenties decor ideas for your day...

Feel a-flutter with feathers 
Wedding of Melissa and Ricky | Pomegranate Photography
Peacock, ostritch, pheasant, whatever you can get your hands on. Feathers add a touch of elegance and decadence that is right on the money for this look.

Classic elegance 
Moda Events Portside
Try adding a lounging area to your reception soiree. Classic chaises and fainting couches are perfect for this Gatsby-inspired look.
Big Blooms 
In the twenties, bigger was always better, but you don't have to spend the bucks to get this look; ask your florist for some extra filler greenery to get that full-bodied arrangement. 

Style My Celebration
Channel the glamour of the 1920s with some stunning crystal or glass vases, chandeliers, candelabras and table-toppers. Pair with classic floral arrangements for stunning vintage results.

Get Snap-Happy 
Wedding of Melissa and Peter | Studio Con Brio
Why not let the twenties come to you? We all love photobooths at weddings, why not slip in some 1920s inspired props to really set the mood.

The twenties was all about decadence, swathes of fabric, golden light and a classically coloured palette will really show off your Gatsby Glamour.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Real Life Wedding : Hilton & Paulina

Paulina & Hilton's Wedding Theme:

Paulina Repits and Hilton Pohl’s Gatsby-inspired wedding, coordinated from start to finish by Paulina herself, was a stunning display of old world elegance with plenty of swoon-worthy details. QB particularly adored Paulina’s breathtaking slinky silk gown and sheer headpiece – 20s style with a modern twist. The reception, which was held in Palazzo Versace’s La Medusa Ballroom, combined soft pinks and creams – the incredible seven-tiers of individual cakes an absolute standout!

 3rd November 2012

Number of Guests:

How did you meet? 
We met at work. We have been inseparable ever since.

Under the African sunset at Olifants Private Game Reserve in South Africa

The Honeymoon: 
Shandrani Resort & Spa, Mauritius & Olifants Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Groom's special memory:
The moment I saw my beautiful bride as she started running down the aisle.

 Bride's special memory:
The look on Hilton’s face when he saw me run (no joke, I practically sprinted) down the aisle. It was also very special to have my mum, dad and my younger sisters (the flower girls) spend the morning of the wedding with my bridesmaids and myself as we were all getting ready! 

 Special thanks: 
A special thanks to those family and friends who came from interstate and overseas! And to all of our beautiful guests who made our day so special. 

Advice for other brides-to-be: 
Take in (and appreciate) every moment because it goes so, incredibly, quickly! Also, spend plenty of time with your husband (on the day)! I have been to so many weddings where the bride and groom barely see each other as they are so busy with their guests! Hilton and I went around and spoke to each table together in the beginning of the night. After that we made a point to see each other as much as possible. It’s your wedding after all - spend it together!

Bride's Funniest Moment: 
We had a session in the photo booth together. Playing with the disguises and props was hilarious.

Ceremony location: 
Chapel of St Alban, The Southport School
Reception location: 
La Medusa Ballroom, Palazzo Versace
Brides design — made by Leonard Derecourt Designer
Wedding bands and engagement rings: 
Everjewels Design Studio
Wedding Coordinator: 
Reception (Teegan Deck, Palazzo Versace)
Oxide hair
The Makeup Bar by Mia Connor
Palazzo Versace Florist
Palazzo Versace/ Papers of Distinction
Deliberately Delicious
MAS Entertainment/ Flash Functions
MAS Entertainment (Swing Central, Too Grand)
Gold Coast Luxury Vintage Car Hire
Casey Jane Photography
A Digital Production

Thank you to Paulina and Hilton for sharing their story! You can too by clicking here.

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