Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Palette Inspiration! Using orange as an accent colour

This week is all about orange and we have some more ideas on how to include it in your wedding.

Orange can be quite bright, and occasionally overbearing, which sometimes turns brides away from using it in their colour scheme. But orange is beautiful and vibrant colour, it is perfect for accents. Think subtle apricot coloured bridesmaid gowns and soft peach coloured roses for an elegant and romantic Autumn wedding. These softer orange hues can be used subtly for a natural and warm wedding look. Here's our recommendations ...

Image from the wedding of Andrew and Natalie | Stewart Ross Photography
Bridesmaids dresses
If orange is your favourite colour, why not choose to have your bridesmaids wear orange? There are so many shades to choose from so you can go as bright or as subtle as you like!

Capalaba Park Florist
Floral arrangements
Beautiful blooms come in many shades of orange. Roses, carnations and gerberas are a few favourites, which look fantastic in bouquets or to decorate your wedding venue.

Wikimedia Commons
The devil is in the details
Don't let orange overwhelm your wedding. For brighter hues of orange, try and stick to subtle accents, like on a cute stripy straw, or the icing of cupcakes?
For a pastel orange, you can be a bit more heavy handed and it won't cause a fuss. Dinnerware, tableclothes, and elegant flower arrangements are just a few of many options.

Thanks to our guest contributor Stephanie for this week's orange love!
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