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Wonderful Winter Weddings: Why you should consider wedding in the cooler months

Wedding of Marina and Gareth | Damian Caniglia Photography 
This winter many of you will be rushing to get the final details sorted for your winter weddings, others will still be considering what date will work best on your calendars. If you're still undecided about a winter wedding, here are a few pros to add to your list (we know you have one!).

A Touch of Romance
“June wedding” just sounds so romantic, whether you’re in the southern or northern hemisphere. See Bride Wars if you need further proof, or ask Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban who said ‘I Do’ in a June celebration.

Frock Up!
Try a black-tie morning wedding followed by a sit-down reception lunch or a decadent Old Hollywood/Oscars-themed dinner.

No Rain on My Parade
After all, Queensland records its lowest rainfall between the months of May and September. And you’ll still enjoy plenty of gorgeous winter sunshine up and down the coast.

Cool Men
Suits and tuxes are much easier to take when the temperature dips below boiling point.
Wedding of Trevor and Emily | Milque Photography
Luxe Layering
Glam up your gown with a faux fur shrug or cashmere wrap. Or check out the dramatic floor-length coat Billie Piper threw on for her West Sussex ‘winter chic’ wedding to Laurence Fox.

Shine Free
You’ll be sporting a bridal blush, not a sweaty flush. Queensland daytime winter temperatures hover in the 20s not 30s so you can enjoy the sun without having a meltdown.

Location, Location
Dreaming of a hinterland celebration? Perhaps photos of you both lounging around a cosy fireplace or poised on a sweeping staircase à la Scarlett O’Hara? It will be even more magical in winter.
Wedding of Tobby and Michelle | Dreamlife Photography

Comfort Food
Think traditional roasts, lamb chops, saucy puddings, chocolate brownies and crystal decanters of red wine.
Tulips are in Season
Surely one of the most perfect bridal options. Try an all-white or all-purple bouquet for an elegant yet opulent feel.
Image from Peaches and Herbs (UK)
Cute Winter Styling
Ok, so we don’t get much of the fluffy stuff in Queensland but it doesn’t mean you can’t use lace effects for your invites and decorative crystal ornaments in your reception styling.

Colour Me Winter
You can style your celebration in either jewel tones, icy pinks and blues with silver, or chic black and white. It all works in winter.
Wedding of Lance and Alissa | Jess Marks Photography 
Fresh is Best
Your cake and flowers will stay fresher for longer ... and so will your guests!

Cue Candles
Try vintage candelabras or tea lights en masse to create an intimate, romantic atmosphere.
Wedding of Ryan and Natalie | Calli B Photography
Try snowglobes with the bride and groom inside or fancy tins of gourmet hot chocolate.

Honeymoon Hot-Spots
Heart set on schussing the slopes of Australia or New Zealand or maybe seeing NewYork in the summertime? Either way, start looking at a mid-year wedding.

Remember to ...
Check your light: The days don’t stretch on forever during the cooler months so confirm with your photographer when you’ll get the best late afternoon light and sunset shots.

Make sure Nana doesn't get a chill: If there’s a chance of a chilly breeze at your mountaintop ceremony locale, ensure you have a sheltered spot for the older guests and advise they ‘bring a warm coat’ on your invites.

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