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10 Fantastically fun bridal shower games

Here's a fun way to end our week of wedding planning - bridal shower games! 
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There is no ultimate bridal shower without games. Having games will be a great way to bond the families, keep comments PG rated for the grandmothers, aunties and little cousins and remove the awkward conversations. These tasteful bridal shower games are inexpensive and will keep guest entertained all night. 

1. Toilet paper dress and veil
With a large supple of toilet paper, toilet paper dress and veil is the prefect excuse to be a designer or a model of a day. In small groups pick a model and make a bridal gown, veil and accessories all from toilet paper. Let the bride pick the winners who gets eternal bragging rights and even a prize. Great for scrap booking and has blackmailing potential too! Warning: It creates a lot of mess.

2. Marshmallow game
A shower game favourite is the bubble gum game. Everyone ask the bride questions about the groom. Each time she answers a question wrong, she has to put a marshmallow in her mouth.

3. Pass the bouquet

An alteration of the childhood party game of pass the parcel, a bouquet is passed from guest to guest as the music plays. Whenever the music stops, the guest holding the bouquet is eliminated leaving the rest of the guest to battle it out to win the lucky bouquet.
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4. Name that herb
Place a couple of herbs such as basil, thyme, oregano and coriander in a cup and place a lid with holes over it. Pass the containers around as guest tries to identify the mystery herb. Cover your guests eyes with a blindfold to up the level of difficulty.

5. Guess the Groom
Having a couple shower? This game is sure to bring hoot, hollers and laughter. The groom and 4 of his guy friends lines up as the bride is blindfolded. She then feels each male calves and tries to identify which leg is the grooms. The roles can then be switched around and the groom must identify his bride's legs.
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6. Two truths, one lie
This is a great ice breaker for guests that are unfamiliar with each other. Each guest tells everyone three experiences with the bride; two are true and one is false. Guest then guess the lie.

7. Words of Wisdom

Pass our pretty blank cards and pens to guest to share advice for a long lasting, happy marriage such as recipes, poems, quotes and tips. Collect the cards and the bride read tries to identify the owner of each card then tie them on a little tree for safe keeping.
From the wedding of Iman and Karina
8. Paper bags and panty hose.
Give each guest two paper bags and a knee high panty hose. Each guest wears the paper bags as gloves. Have the maid of honour as the referee, on the count to three, its a race to be the first to put on a pull up your panty hose.

9. Weigh In
Place a scale in the middle of the room and guest take turn weighing their handbags. Give prizes for the the lightest handbag, the heaviest handbag and the one closest to the bride's handbag.

10. What's the bride wearing?

Test your guest observation skill with this simple guessing game. After all the guest have arrived and has been greeted by the bride, hand out a card and have the guests guess what the bride is wearing while the bride is in another room. Bring the bride back and have each person read their neighbour's card aloud. The most accurate wins.
From the wedding of Mark and Sonya | Capture the Memories Photography
Thanks to our guest contributor, Anna, for these fun games.

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