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Wedding Words: a helpful glossary for the newly-engaged

This week on the QB blog we thought we'd share with you some great hints, tips, and essential info for planning your wedding. Look out for bridal shower ideas, wedding budgets, tips for choosing a celebrant, and a good old fashioned wedding checklist. Today we thought we'd start with a glossary. We all know that when we start something new there is a whole new collection of words we have to suddenly learn. It's the same with weddings, and if you're only newly engaged, this helpful guide to wedding lingo might be a great help! 
From the wedding of Leah and James | Celebrations Studio
À la Carte: a style of menu which allows for guests to choose which meal they would like from a set menu. À la carte actually translates as "according to the menu". 
From the wedding of Hayley and Leo | Studio Impressions Photography
Bomboniere: this is also known as a wedding favour. Bombonieres are given out at weddings to thank the guests for attending, and can also be a small reminder to your guests of your wedding day.
From the wedding of Thomas and Jessica | Feather and Stone Photography 
Boutonnière: a small flower arrangement usually worn by the groom, ushers, groomsmen, and the bride and groom's fathers. The boutonnière is worn on the left lapel of the man's coat or jacket.
From the wedding of Alexandra and Fortunato | Peter Chrichton Photography 
Charger: an oversized plate used for top table decor. A charger is usually made of glass or crystal, and dinner china is placed on the charger during a wedding reception. 
From the wedding of Dylan and Chloe | Mihaja Photography

Fondant: a thick, creamy icing that can be moulded and sculpted easily on cakes.
Milque Photography and Films
Garland: a woven rope of flowers or ribbon often used on pews and tables for decoration.
Watt Restaurant and Bar

Hors D'oeuvres: an appetiser typically served before a meal, especially during cocktail hour. Also known as finger or cocktail food.
Watt Restaurant and Bar
Inclusive: a term generally used by wedding vendors and caterers, inclusive refers to a price that includes service charges and sales tax. E.g. when hiring a function room you will want to be sure to ask if the room rental cost is inclusive, as some venues will add a service charge to your bill on top of room rental.
From the wedding of Iman and Karina
Pastillage: a pastel coloured paste made of sugar, cornstarch and gelatin. The paste hardens and is used to make small icing decorations to put on cakes such as flowers. 
Prelude: The prelude is the songs or music that welcome your wedding guests when they arrive at the ceremony venue. 
STDs: don't panic, this isn't something you can catch! An STD is a 'save the date' card given to guests before handing out the wedding invitations. Today, couples are also making online STD cards which can be emailed to their guests, and are usually given to out of town guests for a destination wedding. 
From the wedding of Christopher and Natalie | CKMetro Photos
Tiers: the individual layers in a whole wedding cake. Usually, the tiers will decrease in size as they are layered.
From the wedding of Alissa and Angus | Jess Marks Photography
Thermography: a more economical alternative to engraving wedding invitations. The printer uses ink and a powder resin combined with heat to reproduce the raised lettering effect of engraving.
From the wedding of Natasha and Roman | Photography by Kieron
A White Bar: a drink bar where only white alcoholic beverages are served such as white wine, vodka, champagne and gin.

Thanks to guest blogger Stephanie for this helpful guide.

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