Friday, June 14, 2013

Eat and drink pink!

Here we are at the end of week of perfect pink prettiness. Too many 'p's for you? Too bad! Complete the pink theme with your food, drinks and cake.

Too much pink might be a little much for your guests' eyes. Ask your cake designer to adorn your tasty creation with sugar flowers, or consider a single pink layer? Less is more!
from the wedding of Todd and Kylie | Karen Buckle Photography
from the wedding of Rohan and Danielle | Andrew Rankin Photography 
from the wedding of Jayde and Callum | Stella Studios
From the wedding of Tim and Ashleigh | Jess Marks Photography
from the wedding of Daniel and Ashleigh | Toni Snell Photography
Lolly Tables
Pink and lollies seem to pair well. Why? We don't know. But we do enjoy chomping on a pink sweet! The key to this look is delicate glass jars, cute signs, and of course, pink treats!
from the wedding of Urszula and John | Yoori Rose Photography
from the wedding of Troy and Johanna | Adore Photograph
from the wedding of Hilton and Paulina | Casey Jane Photography 
Pink Drink, Drink Pink
Pink glasses, cups, straws, or even a signature cocktail will put the pink into your drink.
image from
Thanks to our guest contributor, Anna, for this week's pink perfection!

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