Thursday, June 27, 2013

Best Blue Bits!

We've been obsessing over blue this week and while shuffling through our image library looking for delightful images we came across some that we had to share. We love these blue additions to weddings - no matter how small! 


Image from the wedding of Ryan and Natalie | Calli B Photography
Statement shoes are always a bit of fun, even if they're hidden underneath a full length dress, you know that you're wearing a bit of glam on your tootsies.

Image from the wedding of Julian and Mirandah | Posh Photography
We love the mix in hues of these wedding shoes, the diamantes on the brides shoes are subtle but the speckle of blue helps to tie everything together.
Grapeshot Photography
The great thing about a statement shoe is that when you lift your skirts for some dancing, everyone can see what you've been hiding!

Image from the wedding of Declan and Cassandra | Karen Buckle Phtography
Beautifully delicate, the subtle wave of blue on these programs and the blue ribbon is a perfect fit for an elegant theme.


UK-based Antoinette Patisserie
Cake pops with little blue flowers! Adorable, and an easy way to make sure everyone gets a serve.

Frosted Indulgence
The aqua tones on this cake are subdued by the stunning damask pattern.

Frosted Indulgence
Beautifully simple, the blue-grey base of this cake is offset by the delicately intricate white flowers. Yum!


Image from the wedding of James and Sheridan | LM Images
Not really sure if we want our guests reading at our reception, but these cute blue books are a perfect match to this vintage camera and jarful of flowers.

Sterling Studios
The delicate touch of these little blue ribbons would tie a blue colour palette in nicely.

Flowers and Bouquets! 

Image from the wedding of James and Sheridan | LM Images
We LOVE this personalised bouquet made out of brooches and jewellery, the blue button bouquets for the bridesmaids ties in well too.

Image from the wedding of Julian and Mirandah | Posh Photography
The stunning blue of these aisle florals is a standout feature, especially when sat against these white-white benches. Beautiful!

Just FYI for brides, if you're looking for some blue flowers for your decor or bouquet we love these varieties that can come in beautiful shades of blue: sweetpea, orchids, iris, hydrangeas, foxglove, agapanthis, forget me nots, delphinium and the lovely cornflower. There are, of course, loads more - just ask your florist


Image from the wedding of Joey and Rose | Howie Images
Blue fans will love these blue transport options. The only question is Volkswagen or Mustang?

Image from the wedding of Adam and Kendall | Shannon Buffrey Photography
Image from the wedding of Josh and Brittany | Paul Bamford Photography
A wedding playlist for your guests is a great idea for a favour. Great music and a way to remind your guests of your special day - we think the adorable minty-blue cover is adorable.

Men's Fashion!

Image from the wedding of Selina and Brian | Elaine Swire Photography
Truly unique, this boutonniere is for the groom with distinctive style.

The One Day House
This image from The One Day House showcases a stunning blue suit - we love!

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