Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Breathtaking Blue

Welcome to our first colour post! 

This week is all about the endless, calming shades of blue. Stay tuned, because we will be releasing a new colour each week sure to get those creative juices flowing.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… Blue remains a traditional and versatile wedding accent colour for brides spanning the globe, the old wedding rhyme even including the colour as a good luck charm!

Luck aside, blue's true success lies in its adaptability - the multitude of shades can provide strong pops of colour where necessary, or alternatively, act as a soft cohesive tie between wedding elements.

(Images, clockwise from top left - Wedding Flowers by Natalina, Frosted Indulgence, PrimaDonna Stationary, Blooms of Noosa, Hollywood Style)

The stronger versions of blue, such as royal blue or aqua, speak volumes when used sparingly - think a deep blue ribbon set against a crisp white chair cover, or a thick bouquet of beautifully blue hydrangeas. 

Bright blue can also be tied into current wedding fashion trends - a sneaky glimpse of a bright blue shoe beneath a dress can make a fun and unexpected statement.  

(Images, clockwise from top left - Casar Elegance, A Touch of Romance, Hollywood Style, Hollywood Style)

However, if strong colour isn't your thing, softer blues provide a delicate colour alternative. Powder blues shine against white, the fresh colour combination ideal for invitations, place cards and accessories. 

Soft blues can also pair with dove grey, pastel, citrus or latte colours seamlessly, a modern version of an otherwise classic shade. Lighter blues are also a favourite for bridesmaids dresses and brides have been known to wrap a soft blue ribbon around the waist of their gown for a touch of difference.

(Images - Stewart Ross Photography, Invitations by Invitation Station, Floral arrangements by Julia Rose, Styling by Styled Events)

Blue will be sure to shine in almost any wedding setting, creating the ideal accent choice… even if it is only included for superstitious reasons!

(QB Real Life Wedding of Daniel Tulio and Kimberley Van Dyke)

QB guest blogger, Alex  x

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