Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Glistening green

There is nothing more refreshing than a hit of green - whether it be via a serve of nutritious veggies, an escape to the rolling green hills of the country or a flash of green in a bouquet. Green represents life, health and vibrancy in all its forms.

(Images, clockwise from top left - Blooms of Noosa, Weddings at Tiffany's, Moda Events, Marianne's Creative Cakes)

The majority of wedding florals feature some form of green, popping up in acid green bulbs, shiny green foliage or sprays of light, delicate filler. But green doesn't always have to act in a supporting role - why not embrace a completely green bouquet or table arrangement? 

Striking, fresh (and budget-friendly) this modern take on wedding florals does not lack in style or impact. If you're after a fresh bouquet that still incorporates traditionally fluffy florals, simply team zingy greens with plain white, a winning combination that is evolving into a classic with staying power.

(Large image - Casar Elegance Small images - Hollywood Style)

Emerald green is also a fabulous fashion choice for weddings, whether it's a quick flash of a jewel-toned, rhinestone earring on a bride, a bold and beautiful emerald green dress on a bridesmaid or a pair of vibrant green heels on a guest. 

Dark moss greens are also perfect for a groom who wants something a bit out of the ordinary - check out the Real Life Wedding of Angus and Leah where they have used green to preppy, retro perfection!

(Green bridesmaid dress insert image - Belladonna Bridesmaids Remaining Images - Queensland Brides featured wedding of Angus Stirton and Leah Gilmore)

(Image - Queensland Brides featured wedding of Angus Stirton and Leah Gilmore)

Softer shades of green, such as celadon, can look beautiful used on wedding cakes and invitations for a fresh, springtime theme. Alternatively, team with other brights to achieve a sleek, yet energetic look.

 QB guest blogger, Alex  x

 (Images - PrimaDonna Stationery)

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