Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pink Perfection

(Image - Belladonna by Wendy Makin)

Pink, long associated with femininity, has finally ditched its girls-only stigma and trickled its way into events, homewares and menswear. 

Noticed the pink ties and cuff links floating around lately? Well, we have - and we love them! Pink is a fantastic theming colour and it's about time the boys jumped on board!

(Image - Queensland Brides: Wedding of Alexandra Cordwell and Edward Mills)

Legend has it the colour was named after delicate English blooms, a logical explanation of its undying bouquet popularity. Gently-hued roses, peonies, tulips and lilies are all famed bouquet additions, adding a delicate hint of colour to any bridal ensemble. 

Pink flowers can act as a neutral base in a multi-coloured bouquet, or can steal the limelight when used en masse.

(Image - Queensland Brides)

Antique pinks are becoming a popular choice for vintage-themed weddings, popping up in lace touches, coloured goblets and cute, personalised signs. 

The pastel version also sits effortlessly alongside baby blues, light greens, barely-there yellows and soft lilacs for a gelati-inspired palette.

(Image - Queensland Brides)

Need an eye-catching feature at your reception? Why not incorporate a pink theme into a dessert/lolly buffet - sweets like pillowy pink marshmallows, macarons and cupcakes topped with swirls of pink icing create huge impact when grouped together. 

Pink or coral cocktails can be a beautiful, (and yummy) ceremony/reception addition too- serve in feature glasses or cute vintage bottles for an instant hit of style.

(Images, clockwise from top left - Frosted Indulgence, Frosted Indulgence, Style my Celebration centred , White Whispers Wedding Planner, Frosted Indulgence)

But pink doesn't always have to be subtle. Bright, popping fuchsias are also a popular accent colour, a flattering choice for bridesmaids dresses or accessories. 

For some fun and unexpected theming colour combinations, try bright pink teamed with a pastel blue, or a saturated fuchsia alongside a natural, moss green.

(Images - Casa Elegance)

(Images - Jack Sullivan Bridal)

Or, if your groom is feeling brave, dress him in a light pink shirt and tie teamed with a grey suit - such a beautiful colour combination. 

Just  make sure you remind him - it takes a real man to pull off pink!

QB guest blogger, Alex  x

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