Monday, October 14, 2013

The Couture Collective #10 - Winnie Yeung of Winnie Bridal

Meet Winnie Yeung, Queensland wedding gown designer ...

Winnie Yeung
Label: Winnie Bridal

Trained in France and describing herself as "a Dior girl" when it comes to her favourite designer,WinnieYeung's passion and 35 years haute couture experience is evident in her designs. "I made my first dress when I was twelve years old, so I have always loved designing and creating dresses," she says. " I work seven days a week, so my business and what I do is a true passion for me, it comes from the heart. I really try to look after our brides - even if they need a dress change which may seem insignificant but actually involves a lot of work for me, I will always do it for them. I have a commitment to service and producing perfect dresses." 

Your label in three words?
Unique. Quality. Exquisite.

Are there any key trends which have come through in your latest collection? 
Grey gowns, traditional styles from the archives, and just a continuation of our quality work. We are definitely referencing some of the bridal styles of the past which are making a big comeback in the bridal fashion industry and we are noticing a market for gowns which are different to the classic white - we will be seeing some grey gowns in the coming seasons. 

Describe yourself as a designer? 
A true dressmaker. I'm involved in every process, from drawing up patterns for the fabric manufacturers to creating the beading designs, so I'm extremely hands on from the beginning. I aim to maintain the highest standard of quality throughout every process - it does take a lot of extra effort, time and money to ensure the dress is of the upmost quality in every aspect, but I refuse to accept the cheaper, mass-produced options. At Winnie we are all about quality. 

Get to know Winnie Bridal
In person 
Shop G31, Wintergarden, 
171 Queen Street Mall, 
Brisbane QLD 4000
07 3229 2000

Over the web

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