Friday, October 25, 2013

Sweet Heart: Decadent Details

Brown Betty's Bakery

The ‘edible’ finishing touch to your cake needs to look divine and taste delicious too. Here’s what’s hot. 

"French vanilla buttercream is divine for a lovely rustic style cake" says Sherie from The Flour Girl.

"My most popular edible finish is chocolate of course," says Julie Whitehead. "I am a chocolatier so only work in chocolate. It’s the reason I fell in love with the medium to begin with ... I love chocolate and it is not only visually exciting but tastes superb. There is nothing better!" 

KCL Photography

Thinking traditional marzipan was the finish for you? Judy from Cakes by Judy C explains why this smooth white finish is more likely to be fondant or pettience. "Marzipan is rarely used these days," she says. "In the past there was a layer of marzipan on the fruit cakes followed by the smooth white icing which is often mistaken for marzipan. The smooth white icing on wedding cakes is not marzipan and is often referred to as pettience, fondant or RTR which stands for 'ready to roll'. I love using pettience as well as whipped white chocolate ganache – both of these icings are great for a beautiful cake."


Many of our experts, including Mimi from Classic Cakes, name fondant as their favourite, for its flawless finish and 'blank canvas' appeal. "My favourite and most popular cake finish is fondant icing," agrees Vas from Frosted Indulgence, noting "this gives such a clean and crisp look and provides a great base for adding the design details." These can include everything from edible pearls to stencils. Leanne from Cakey Creations says "our most popular finish on the wedding cakes is fondant, with fondant pearls, lace and flowers being very popular. Royal icing piping and stencilling is one of my favourite." 

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"We like incorporating royal icing lace stencils into cake designs, teamed with sugar flowers for our traditional brides," says Renee from Brown Betty's Bakery. "Torched meringue is a favourite finish of ours, it’s beautiful and delicious!" Leanne from Cakey Creations has also noticed "custom sugar figurines/toppers are becoming quite popular."

"I'm noticing a big trend towards naked cakes lately," says Sherie from The Flour Girl. She explains this means "no icing on the outside at all, the cake is filled with scrumptious buttercream but you can still see the actual cake, loaded with berries on the edges of each tier and dusted in snow powder. It's a visually stunning centrepiece for a wedding reception!" 

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