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Cracking the Dress Code

Don't leave your guests worrying about their wedding ensemble - include a dress code on your invitation for a clear clothing direction.

Often what concerns wedding guests the most in the lead up to the big day is not transport, gifts or seating arrangements, but simply what they are going to wear.The absence of a dress code on your invite can have guests in a whirl of worry, fumbling over their cocktail dresses and bow ties without a clear direction. Cut the confusion and select one of our popular or styled dress codes to include on your invitation - we're sure your guests will thank you for it.

Our top three popular dress codes:

Wedding of Rohan and Danielle | Andrew Rankin Photography

1. Black tie
Black tie is the ideal dress code for formal occasions set in luxurious surroundings. Men are expected to wear black or white dinner jackets or tuxedos, bow ties, suspenders and vests, whilst women should arrive in floor- length gowns, cocktail dresses or elegant separates which don't reveal too much skin. Black tie events are a brilliant opportunity for the ladies to pull out that special jewellery piece or to have their hair styled in a glamorous up-do - gather inspiration from red carpet events.

Styling tip
Hollywood Glamour/Red Carpet

Wedding of Ryan and Elle | Iconic Bride Photography

2. Cocktail
Lounge suits and stylish short dresses usually personify cocktail style, however, longer frocks in light and breezy fabrics are also suitable. Accessorise with strappy heels and patterned ties to add personality, and remember - colour is your friend!

Styling tip
Sunset Champagne Bar

Karen Buckle Photography
3. Smart casual 
Although ‘smart casual’ events are certainly more laid-back than their formal counterparts, there is no excuse for sloppiness. For the boys, keep things slick with blazers, cardigans and button-down shirts over a dark pair of trousers. Ladies, mid-length boldly-hued dresses, shawls and striking accessories are the perfect solution.

Styling tip
Urban Chic

No dress code 
Even if you have the best of intentions by leaving a dress code off your invitation, we can almost guarantee you will receive anxious calls from guests wondering what kind of outfits are acceptable. Prevent the confusion and last-minute worry by deciding on a dress code and sticking to it - guests will be far more relaxed if they know what is expected of them.

Black and white
There are mixed opinions on wearing black and white to weddings.The majority of people believe wearing white is a no-no, simply because it's difficult to know what the bride's stance is - probably best to avoid this one. Black on the other hand has become quite a popular colour for formal, evening events.To freshen up a black dress, tie in bright accessories and lighter fabrics which prevent a funereal look. However, leave black outfits in the closet for summery, casual or outdoor weddings. Still unsure? Simply contact the maid of honour or the bride for their opinion.

Do I need to wear stockings? 
These days, stockings are certainly not an essential when it comes to dressing for a wedding. Stockings are generally worn in the cooler months, providing an ideal option for guests looking to complete a polished winter outfit. Always remember to team with a closed-in shoe.

Our top three styled dress codes:

Wedding of Rohan and Danielle | Andrew Rankin Photography

1. High Tea Garden Party
Garden parties are often set beneath a blue sky on grass, so flats and small heels, sun hats and sunglasses are all acceptable accessories. Floral, feminine dresses or pastels are ideal for the ladies, whilst 'polo' style and lightweight suits are a great option for the lads.

Styling tip
Hamptons Elegance 

Wedding of Sudipta and Josh | Milque Photography and Films

2. Beach Resort
There should be a sense of ease when dressing for a beach or resort wedding. Jewelled sandals, embellished kaftans, leather slip-ons and linen separates are summery and comfortable, and move seamlessly from the sand

to an alternative reception venue. Keep in mind, beach ceremonies may require you to take off your shoes, so be armed with an easily-removable pair and a fresh pedi!

Styling tip
French Riviera
Wedding of Louise and John | CkMetroPhotos
3. Themes and Festive attire
Even if a themed wedding isn’t to your taste, it is absolutely paramount that you dress up accordingly. Supporting the bride and groom on their special day can mean some crafty DIY or a trip to the costume shop, either option being acceptable. Festive attire usually involves some sparkle and the traditional festive shades of red, green, white and gold - arrive decked out in the theme or simply add some blingy accessories for a subtler take.

Styling tip
Great Gatsby or New Year’s Eve

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