Monday, September 24, 2012

Designer to Watch

With the Queensland Brides Design Awards just around the corner – 12 October to be exact! – we're putting the spotlight on an exciting new talent, Rayner Lee from Regalia Bridal Collection. As a Runner Up in the coveted People's Choice category in 2011 and in the Avant Garde category in 2010 Rayner's creative style caught our eye as one to watch …

Queensland Brides: What first inspired you to start designing bridal?

Rayner Lee: I draw my creative inspiration from things I am passionate about, like artworks, oil painting, and small piece of antique furniture. Also elements of nature have spawned some of my designs.

QB: Do you have any favourite fabrics or styles you love working with?

RL: I enjoy toying around with silk organza. The way of this fabric can be so easily moulded and allows me to experiment with endless possibilities.

Rayner Lee with one of her award winning designs

QB: If you could have a dream outfit made, which designer would you choose? 

RL: I guess Yves Saint Laurent is the one.

QB: Can you sum up the Regalia Bridal Collection bride in just a couple of words?

RL: Distinctive, elegant

QB: Without giving all your secrets away, what do you have planned for the upcoming 2012 Queensland Brides Design Awards?

RL: This year, I plan on going more contemporary feel to blend the timeless elements of 19th century with more modern designs. I just hope everyone like them.

QB: What are you most looking forward to about the awards night?

RL: Seeing how my creations look up there on the stage of course! I am just hoping that mine will make an impression among what’s sure to be an amazing line of designs.

QB: You were recently a Runner Up in the Avant Garde category 2010 and also in the all-important People's Choice Awards in 2011. What did those accolades mean to you?

RL: Winning 2010 was, to say the least, an unexpected surprise. Since then the award has acted as a sort of stepping stone for what I hope will be another step in innovation and creativity.

QB: What's next for Regalia Bridal Collection?

RL: In the future I would hope to diversify my collection, adding my own personal touch to different eras of inspiration, or even new trends that arise in the near future. 

QB: Where can we find your stunning designs?

RL: I will open a brand new bridal store at 62 High Street Toowong by the end of this month. It will showcase around 200 wedding gowns and formal wear.  People can also find our new designs online at 

We can't wait to see what Rayner delivers in her future collections! Whatever it is, we're sure it will be stunning. 

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