Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Real Life Wedding : Coco Chanel-inspired!

Ellissa Swane and Mark Stevenson’s Coco Chanel-inspired event was chic and glamorous, topped off with plenty of laughs. 

This wedding is featured in the Autumn 2011 issue of Queensland Brides ... we just adore Ellissa and Mark's wedding and have featured them on our blog to showcase all the lovely images we couldn't fit in the magazine! Thank you to Ellissa and Mark for submitting their real life wedding and also their fab photographer Stewart Ross for the photos!

date: 2 July 2010
gown: MXM Couture
decorator: Styled Events
flowers: Flora Bella
stationery: Invitation Station
cake: Cream Coorparoo
honeymoon: Singaporeand United Arab Emirites

Ellissa and Mark's Special Memory: 
Some would say we are very lucky to be reminded of our ceremony and vows on such a regular basis as every other weekend! To quote a section out of our vows:

Celebrant: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be interrupting the ceremony for a moment as Mark and Liss have one or two last minute questions that they need to clarify with one another... Liss, Mark has asked me to ask some very important questions... Will you Liss, stop moving Mark's mess which he strategically leaves laying on the floor next to his bed for a reason? Also, he's asked if you could ask him all your questions before the footy or the cricket starts and... drive him to the golf course on request?'

Liss: 'I will Mark. Do you promise to update Liss's Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel products on a regular basis and Sleep on the couch after you've had beers?'

Mark: 'I will. I guess we both are blessed with a special memory. One - Mark has a cracking good wife to get up at an unreasonable hour on a Sunday morning and drive him to Golf, and for me it is like every day is our wedding day. :) '

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