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Are you ready to om-nom-nom? Tasty food ideas for your reception

So you've decided on the kind of reception you're going to have (sit down, cocktail, etc) and now you need to choose what kind of food you want to serve. Here at QB we're edging ever closer to lunch, so it's the perfect moment to find some great menu options to try out. You don't need to have a structured entree, main, and dessert, but it is a good way of thinking about what foods you want to serve.

Casual BBQ Fun 

For a tasty BBQ inspired reception think simple and think casual. 

Entrée: A delicious idea would be to serve canape sized bruschetta - tasty and fresh. 

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Main: Fresh seafood, bite-sized kebab sticks, minature beef burgers, and easy-to-serve BBQ vegetables can all be dressed up creatively for a wedding reception. 
Dessert: Serve fresh fruit and a simple dessert like cupcakes or cookies to really get your guests excited. 
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Formal Decadence
A sit-down affair in a gorgeous location must be teamed well with foods that will delight, try this: 

Entrée: A light soup would be a delicious start to this affair; pumpkin, mushroom, french onion... all would go down a treat. 

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Main: For the ultimate in decadence serve a traditional roast with vegetables to your guests. 
Dessert: Chocolate mousse and espresso would really be a favourite among guests.
Buffet style receptions are a simple affair of giving your guests a bunch of different options that they can tailor to suit their individual tastes. One great tip that we've come across is to decorate your buffet table with a fruit basket and to use that very fruit for your dessert. 

Entrée: Think salads, cheeses and tasty breads - something light so your guests don't get too full! 

Main: Depending on the time of year it might change your ideas, the cooler months make you want heartier foods, while the warmer months make you more inclined for lighter fare. 

Dessert: Considering it's a buffet make sure your dessert is easy to serve: an icecream bar could be a fantastic idea (complete with all the trimmings!) 

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Stick to serving bite size hors d'oevres (check out Delish for inspiration: ).


Pair them with some truly tasty cocktails and you've got yourself a reception that's the cat's pyjamas!
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