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Top 20 Tips: A selection of our top tips to take you from ceremony to reception

The current issue of Queensland Brides is right on the money. There are great tips, suppliers, locations - it's PACKED with inspiration.

Here's one of our exciting features that is just one of many you can read if you pick up a copy!

The Top 20 (Got the mag? Look for it on page 239!)

1. Make Contact 

Anais and Paul | Ben Clark Photography
Ensure you (or preferably a trusted bridal party member) has a list of everyone's contacts in case there is a change of time or location.

2. Plan B 
Chloe and Jonathan | Studio Impressions Photography
Have a Plan B (or two). Preparing for bad weather, late guests or audio problems will help avoid last-minute stress.This is an area where your coordinator can really be worth their weight in gold!

3. Access & Seating 
Greer and James | Karen Buckle Photography
Consider seating style and numbers, but also how your guests will access their seats. Make sure there is a clear path to the ceremony site, assistance for older guests if required, and ample space between rows.

4. Timeline 
A timeline of the day's events is a great way to keep guests informed and things running on time. place on ceremony seating, hand out to guests on arrival or for the extra-organised, mail alongside your invitation.

5. Thoughtful Touches 
Porfyri Photography
It's the little, personal touches that will make your wedding truly memorable for guests. For outdoor ceremonies, consider handing out thongs, scarves, bottled water or paper fans to keep everyone comfortable. Personalised soaps or slippers are also a lovely option if your guests are over-nighting after your big day.

6. Moving to the Reception 
Separate ceremony and reception locations? Why not organise a fleet of maxi taxis or buses to transport guests? Not having to worry about directions, parking or traffic will take stress off family and friends and get them into a celebratory mood.

7. Work Your Location 
Sterling Studios
Make sure you have considered ever y area your guests will pass on their way to the reception. Empty corridors and sparse waiting rooms are atmosphere killers. Simply adding tea lights or scented candles, personal photos, or little floral arrangements will make a huge difference.

8. Flower Power 
Laura and Dean | Davel Photography
Consider taking some of your ceremony flowers to the reception venue. Recycling is great for the hip pocket and makes the most of floral arrangements which would otherwise only be used for a short period of time.

9. Cocktail Hour
Lauren and Nick
Cocktails are a fantastic, colourful option for your wedding reception.tie the hue and garnishes into your theme or customise your very own cocktail for a seriously memorable drink.

10. Smooth Sailing 
Ensure your ceremony flows seamlessly into your reception by providing refreshments or entertainment the moment guests begin arriving. If they need to wait for an extended period before entering the venue, ensure there are bathrooms and seating available. Nominate a trusted friend or family member to welcome and direct other guests.

11. Fun Times
Photo and Styling: The Wedding Collective
Keep the party mood alive by incorporating a fun element such as a photo booth, cigar room, palm reader or magician into your reception. great for tying into a theme and creating a lively atmosphere. 

12. Look After Your Little Ones 
Wedding of Anna and Gareth | Foster Photography
If you have young children at your reception, why not provide some colouring books or consider hiring a nanny or two for the evening to keep them amused? Happy children mean happy parents!

13. Make an Entrance 
For a grand arrival, organise an announcement to be made by your MC or DJ or turn up one of your favourite songs to signify you are in the building.

14. The Receiving Line
If the traditional receiving line isn't your thing,there are plenty of modern alternatives. Stroll around your reception venue once guests are seated to greet people a table at a time, or invite them couple by couple to have a photo booth snap taken with you.

15. Small & Special
Danielle and Rohan | Rankin Photography
If you’ve decided on a generous guest list your reception can be overwhelming. So if you’d like an intimate moment with nearest and dearest, set aside a small room at your venue where you can spend a few minutes with just the two of you. Invite the photographer along too for shots.

16. Personal Unity 
Moira and Kristian | Studio Impressions Photography
Choose a key colour, theme, motif or flower to feature throughout your reception. Incorporating family emblems, monograms or your favourite colour is an ideal way to personalise your event and reception venue.

17. The Low Down
Soaring centrepieces look amazing, but for a Subtler option for your tableS consider a series of low vases bursting With blooms or hang paper or floral pom poms overhead.this will encourage guests to socialise around the table and not feel ‘blocked in.’

18. Drinks stations 
Greer and James | Karen Buckle Photography
Take care of designated drivers and kids with a fun non-alcoholic drinks station. Include crazy straws, colourful cups or cute embellishments for some bright and silly options.

19. The After Party 
If you're kicking on into the night, especially if you've had an early dinner, consider providing light snacks or sweet treats later on.

20. The Last Goodbye 
Fiona and Troy | Studio Sixty Photography
There are plenty of ways to make an occasion of your exit. Sparklers are an increasingly popular and photogenic option, whilst bubbles, streamers, balloon releases or candles all create a send-off to be remembered.

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