Thursday, April 21, 2011

QB Loves : Real Life 1950s Engagement Shoot!

Introducing Peta, Pat and Rocky the dog in this gorgeous 1950s inspired engagement shoot (which, by the way, is our very first engagement shoot featured on the blog!)  Consider showcasing your style as a couple in a creative session just like this one ...

Love this look? Here's the Dream Team ...
 Couple: Peta and Pat and Rocky the dog. 
Photographer: Darren from CkMetroPhotos
Second Photographer: Loren Jarvis Photographer
Stylist: Erin from Vera and Rose.

Peta hearts Pat!


1 ::  Get to know your photographer! 
An engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer! Learn how to take directions from the photographer, get to know their style, personality and sense of  humour.  Most importantly, you will learn to feel comfortable as a couple with the photographer and have SOME FUN!

2 ::  Practise makes perfect! 
If you or your fiancé are even a little camera shy - an engagement shoot will ease you into it! Relax and practise what you feel works in front of the camera - a chance to work together with posing and positioning. This is the perfect time to practise how to loosen up … the end result will let your personalities really shine through in the images, but with no pressure!

3 ::  Letting your creativity run free!
An engagement shoot can be whatever you make it - a real chance to let your creativity as a couple run free! You can create a story, showcase your collectables, dress up, have a day at the beach, re-enact a favorite scene from a movie, organise a picnic, brainstorm location shoot ideas with your photographer! The best thing to do with an engagement shoot is to take the idea and just run with it. Get quirky & creative, showcase your style as a couple! 

Darren at CkMetroPhotos gave us some background info on the shoot … 

"Peta (the bride to be) is a self confessed Vinnies and Op Shop Junkie and along with her mum have collected the most amazing arrangements of furniture and old items ... anyway the shoot was to take place down in Murphy’s Creek, however with the devastation of the recent floods in Toowoomba and surrounds, the area has almost been totally washed away, so we had to look for a new location, a new theme and pray for a fine day without rain, a brain wave by Erin kicked us off on the concept of a 1950’s Modern theme that would take the couple for a beautiful country drive in the country with a stop for a picnic a proposal and then a short plane ride to finish off the session."

A HUGE thank you to Darren from CkMetroPhotos and stylist Erin from Vera and Rose for submitting this stunning shoot (which, by the way, also stars in our Engagement Shoot story in the upcoming Winter 2011 edition available for pre order online here)

 Also a congratulations to Pat, Peta and Rocky … what a way to kick off your engagement!

We think engagement shoots are a fabulous idea! What are your thoughts on them, are you having, or have you had one done? If so, we want to know about it! Email us your submission or ideas:

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Happy Easter to you reader! We hope your Easter is full of chocolate and 1950s inspired picnic fun! 
QB x

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