Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going to the Chapel and We're Going to Get Married!

This week is all about vintage elegance, and one of the beautiful ways to express this theme is through a chapel wedding. 

Queensland’s wedding scene now has more wedding ceremony options for couples to have a unique and stress-free wedding day than ever before. Over the last few years Queensland has seen the careful renovation and restoration of several Churches into wedding Chapels. Historical wedding chapels provide a timeless and elegant backdrop for any wedding to capture the beauty and elegance of the ceremony. 

Broadway Chapel
The growing interest in couples choosing to have their wedding ceremony in a wedding chapel has increased greatly in the past few years with Chapels being able to cater for both religious and civil wedding ceremonies. Wedding Chapels also provide a great deal more freedom for couples in choosing their type of ceremony as well as personalising their ceremony as they wish. Wedding Chapels also eliminate the stress associated with garden or park weddings as weather and parking are no longer an issue to worry about.

Wedding Chapels also provide couples and their families with a stress-free wedding ceremony as most Chapels provide an event manager to host the ceremony and coordinate all the finer details on the day on behalf of the couple. The wedding event manager also assists in fixing any little issues that may arise as well as calming the nerves of the bridal party and close family. The wedding event manager becomes an integral part to the ceremony and ensures all details go as planned.

Many Chapels also provide the comforts of air-conditioning, music and wedding planning services to assist in making the wedding day stress-free and perfect. Privacy for your ceremony is also a very important consideration for couples when planning their special day, park or hotel ceremonies cannot always guarantee privacy and intimacy for your ceremony. As photography plays an extremely important role in any wedding, having an all-weather chapel venue for your ceremony is important to your wedding’s success.

Many Chapels also provide couples with the option of hosting cocktail drinks at the Chapel after the wedding ceremony. The cocktail drinks provide an excellent interlude before the wedding reception where the couple can take their photos while insuring their guests are looked after and enjoying themselves. Many couples are now also choosing the option of have a cocktail reception instead of a formal sit down reception. Many Chapels provide an excellent backdrop for the cocktail reception while also providing a cost effective wedding option.

Wedding Chapels provide an elegant and stress free venue for couples to host their ceremony without the worries of weather or privacy becoming an issue. Many Chapels also provide options for couples to have drinks after the ceremony as well as a private place for garden and Chapel photos.

Queensland’s Wedding Chapels – A traditional ceremony, your way….

Guest Blogger: James Paulson - Director Broadway Chapel

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