Friday, March 15, 2013

"Green" Weddings - Eco-Friendly Weddings Are Here

This week is all about the colour green, but can you think of another thing that the colour green is associated with? Eco friendly and Green are sometimes synonymous with each other. 

Weddings, as we know, can be very big affairs that have a lot of time and energy put into making them perfect. But have you considered the environmental impact of a wedding? 

 Did you know that a wedding with an average of 100 guests generates 7.7 tonnes of greenhouse gas? (Olivia Richardson). Aaaannndddd did you know that there are over a hundred thousand weddings every year in Australia? That's quite the negative impact on the environment, thankfully some brides are taking the initiative to plan an eco-friendly, or 'Green' wedding. Basically the goal is to organise a wedding while thinking about the impact it will have on the environment. There are plenty of expert websites on how to organise a green wedding, and suppliers to use.

There are heaps of ways to make your wedding a little bit greener. Here are a few ideas to green up your wedding…

Try sourcing your materials locally to give back to your community. Go hunting in opshops for decor, you'll find some great secondhand finds (like glass jars that are perfect for showing off flowers or candles)!
Wedding of Josh and Britt
Wedding of James and Sheridan
Consider using organic fabrics for your wedding dress. In Australia it can be a little difficult to find, so look out for organic cotton, peace silk, and hemp. (Eco Friendly Weddings)
Wedding of Cameron and Chloe
When it comes to food trying sourcing organic and local. It's better for the environment and better for your community!
Wedding of Michael and Rebecca
For florals think native, or at the very least think in season. Importing flowers is harsh on the environment when you think about how far your blooms will have to travel.
Wedding of Thomas and Jessica
Use recycled paper for invitations, menus, place-cards etc.
Wedding of Thomas and Jessica
Wedding of Glen and Thais 
Wedding of Joel and Rebecca
There are heaps of ideas you can use, you just need to do a lot of research - and that's the key to organising a successful green wedding - research, research, research! Green weddings are definitely something to give some thought


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