Monday, March 18, 2013

Do It Yourself! Why DIY?

DIY is incredibly huge right now in the world of weddings. Brides are stepping out of the box and using their creative imaginations to personalise their wedding, and save a few well-earned dollars. 
Wedding of Jen and Tim
This week on the Queensland Brides blog, we're going to focus on some great DIY projects that you can try, and some DIY inspiration eye-candy.

If you'd like to submit a DIY project that you have tried send an email to

Wedding of Jessica and Thomas 
Wedding of Dan and Finley
One of the reasons DIY is so great is because investing time into a project is really rewarding. Many brides talk about how much they love seeing people enjoying their work on their big days.

Rachael Williams says "Make sure you bring your personality in to the wedding. Your day is all about you both and sharing the love with friends and family! xx" 
Wedding of Rachael and Brenton
Wedding of Rachael and Brenton
Some brides even have family helpers, so plenty of people feel involved in the wedding's organisation and design.

Stephanie and Jamie's wedding was nearly entirely DIY! "We were very lucky to have so many helpful hands in both of our families and we wouldn't have been able to create such a beautiful day without them all!" 
Wedding of Stephanie and Jamie
Stay tuned for some great DIY ideas over the next week.

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