Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 Reasons to Honeymoon in the Cook Islands

Honeymoon month is well on its way, but don't worry because we still have a few more great honeymoon destinations to share with you. Today we bring you the Cook islands. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should honeymoon there...

1. Affordable luxury: From private hideaways floating atop pristine lagoons to intimate boutique beachfront resorts, luxury in the Cook Islands is all about tropical splendour. With such an untouched natural beauty and a mix of coral atolls and volcanic islands, you can find your own piece of paradise.

2. Wine & Dine: Ease into island time with lots of long and languid candlelit meals for two on the beach or enjoy the rich culture of song and dance at a cultural dinner and dance show accompanied by to the sounds of ukulele and drums.

3. Variety: Adventure lovers can go deep sea fishing, quad biking and kayaking, or trek through the magnificent peaks lush with native vegetations. Swim and snorkel in brilliant blue sea, slow cruise on a standup paddle boarding or go luxe with a cruise around the lagoons.

4. Proximity: Sitting ideally between New Zealand and Hawaii in the South Pacific, Air New Zealand operates a non-stop direct service with a flight time of six hours from Sydney.

5. Shopping: Check out the local markets and shops of Rarotonga where you'll find home wares, jewellery, clothing and traditional Cook Islands arts and crafts.

Tempted to learn a bit more about this sparkling destination? Holidays for Couples have got us covered with this article on the subject... 

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Scattered over an incredible two million square kilometres of ocean and largely unspoiled by tourism – there’s no traffic lights and no cities with high-rise buildings – the Cooks are truly a paradise for couples looking to drop out, kick back and just relax into ‘island time’ – that mysterious Pacific timezone when nothing is important and nothing is rushed.

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