Thursday, November 14, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Vanuatu

Image: Craig Tansley
Vanuatu is the kind of place where you can make your own adventure. Couples who enjoy a restful holiday will be equally at ease in Vanuatu as couples who like to be on their feet and doing activities. If you're a couple that likes to do both, well then you've hit the jackpot. 

If you have got your eye on Vanuatu as a potential honeymoon destination we've got 5 fantastic reasons to shortlist it right now.

1. Affordable luxury: With a range of accommodation options from private villas to small, exclusive luxury resorts and waterfront bungalows on secluded beaches, Vanuatu offers a true tropical paradise for all budgets.

2. Wine & Dine: The resorts offer great dining and those fabulous Melanesian feasts served up beach barbecue-style. If you are staying close to Port Vila you can find some lovely waterfront restaurants and bars in town.

3. Variety: There's a perfect mix of romance and adventure in Vanuatu, from eco and cultural tours, waterfalls and jungles, snorkelling and diving to golfing, sunset cruises and plenty of toes-in-the-sand time out.

4. Proximity: There are regular scheduled flights from Australia to Vanuatu, at just 2.5 hours from Brisbane and just under 4 hours from Melbourne.

5. Shopping: Check out the Hebrida Market Place and the outdoor markets in Port Vila for colourful hand painted clothing, woven mats, bags, shell necklaces and carved bowls and masks.

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Image: Craig Tansley
Venture into Vanuatu by Craig Tansley 
Craig Tansley finds plenty of ways to explore this tropical getaway 

Image: Vanuatu Tourism Office
Follow the Sun: Vanuatu by Rhonda Bannister 
My first visit to a Pacific island was to lovely Vanuatu a little over two decades ago and I fell totally under its spell...

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