Monday, August 19, 2013

The Couture Collective #2 Meet Wendy Sullivan of Brides Desire

Meet Wendy Sullivan, a Queensland wedding gown designer ...

Wendy Sullivan
Label: Brides Desire - Wendy Sullivan

The Champagne has been flowing this year as one of our favourite designers celebrates 30 years. From her humble beginnings in a tiny shop house in Paddington in 1983, where she started the Airs & Graces label on the urging of husband Graeme,Wendy Sullivan has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the most influential and awarded designers in Queensland. Now called Brides Desire, her label is renowned for its romantic gowns and intricate detailing and has been the toast of many, many happy brides.With son Jack recently joining the brand and an expansion into the UK and New Zealand, we raise our glasses to many beautiful years to come.

Your label in three words ...
Romantic. Feminine. Distinctive 

Are there any key trends which have come through in your latest collection?
Vintage styling is still strong, soft tulles, silk chiffon and dimensional lace work, two-tone layering, delicate shoulder lines and sheer look sleeves. Opulent embellishment, as is usual for my signature look. Also trending strongly are ‘waisted’ gowns, cinched waistlines featuring on all silhouettes, both slim-line and full.

As a designer are you meticulously organised, a chaotic creative or free-thinking?
My designing career celebrates 30 years this year, so I think I would have to say that my method of designing has probably been streamlined over that time. These days I have the absolute luxury of dedicating my entire time to designing and creating the collections. This gives me great pleasure and enjoyment, not quite as hectic and stressful as it was all those years ago.

You are inspired by ...
I would say it definitely has to be travelling. I am always inspired by overseas trends and the direction they can take you. Inspiration comes not only from fashion but interior design, artwork, architecture and the different cultures, traditions and lifestyles. You can’t copy design, but you can take the essence and direction to create your own. 

Choose your muse, either real or fictional ...
Christian Dior, he has left an inspiring legacy to all fashion lovers.

Fabric, embellishment and structure - if you could only choose two, what would they be? 
For quality you would have to say fabric and structure ... however the embellishment is such a distinctive and important part of a Brides Desire gown, so I wouldn’t be happy if it wasn’t there.

Do you have particular music, candles, flowers, etc. which are always in your workroom?
I don’t see Champagne on that list?!

What is your vision for Brides Desire in the future?
Joining the business four years ago, our son Jack has since taken Brides Desire to the United Kingdom. Wanting to embrace all aspects of the business he has also launched his own designs under the label Jack Sullivan Bridal ... It’s good to have the injection of youth into the company, so I think with the next generation on board our bridal labels can continue on for many years.

Get to know Brides Desire
In Person
31 Vulture St (Cnr Paris & Vulture St), West End, QLD 4101
Phone: 07 3846 7077
Over the web

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