Monday, August 26, 2013

The Couture Collective #3 Meet Roslyn Lakelin of Roz La Kelin

Meet Roslyn Lakelin, a Queensland wedding gown designer ...

Roslyn Lakelin
Labels: Roz la Kelin, 93 bridal, Glamour Plus

With 20 years as an influential designer in the local bridal market and three successful labels to her name, Roslyn Lakelin is now making her mark as an emerging designer in the US and Canada.The much-loved Glamour Plus label is a particular hit overseas, no doubt answering the prayers of curvy brides-to-be across America just as it did locally.

Your label in three words?
I would have to choose three phrases rather than three words, these would be - Ready-to-wear couture. Superb fit/construction. Vast array of designs and styling.

Are there any key trends which have come through in your latest collection?
'Coveted aura of glamour' - Embellishments are key this season, with many gowns featuring jewellery like motifs and brooches or using jewellery components within the beading on laces to create texture, oozing old Hollywood styling to make any bride shine. 

As a designer are you meticulously organised, a chaotic creative or free- thinking?
I love things around me to be organised so then I feel free to be creative. Throughout the season I will quickly add images and pieces to my vision boards and folios, then once I start the design process these get sorted and my desk is cleared so I can see everything clearly and the creative juices can flow.

Your muse, either real or fictional?
My passion and devotion to the bridal fashion world and to the real women around the world who want to wear flattering and enhancing wedding dresses is the driving force behind my success, therefore I would love to design for Scarlet Johansson. She represents beautiful real women the world over as well as possesses an old Hollywood charm that was distinct in the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Mae West who was famous for saying ..."Cultivate your curves, they may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided"

Your best advice to girls looking for their dream gown?
It's about you looking fabulous in the dress! When you shop for your wedding gown the most important thing to keep in mind is your body shape. You want to enhance your natural silhouette and accentuate your best assets.

Fabric, embellishment and structure - if you could only choose two, what would they be?
Embellishment and structure. The foundation of cut and construction which form the structure are the most important as a gown should in its barest forms still reflect a basic beauty that is then enhanced through the fabric and embellishments ... I love gems and jewellery so adding textures or appliques and beading and dimension is adding the individual touches and personalising each gown. 

What is always in your workroom?
Our workroom has very high ceilings so we've made the most of this space by hanging tissue pompoms in varying sizes and shades of pink, making every day feel festive. I love lamp lighting and orchids, so I've surrounded myself with these luxuries in my office.

Get to know Roz la Kelin
In person
50 Morgan Street
Brisbane Queensland 4006
Phone: 07 3852 1421

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