Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weddi-quette - How to be a great wedding guest in 10 tips

Image from the wedding of Ben and Anna; Sugarblush Photography
Weddings are glorious occasions full of friends and family, tasty food, laughter, music, and of course, one very loved up couple who have just discovered wedded bliss. Everyone wants to be the ideal wedding guest, but there always seems to be that one individual who has missed the wedding etiquette memo. Prevent yourself from being that guest by taking on board our list of 10 easy ways to stay on bride and groom's good side.

How to be a great wedding guest in 10 tips ...

1. Be on time! If you do arrive late to the ceremony be sure to enter as quietly as possible and take the first available seat. Don't try for one up the front or make anyone move for you.

2. Reply to your RSVP as soon as you can. The couple will have to have set numbers for their venues, and replying late to an RSVP can become problematic for them.

Image from the wedding of Alana and Drew; Chesterson Smith Photography

3. Don't talk during the speeches, no matter how boring they are!

4. Don't post photos of the wedding to social media without getting permission from the couple in advance. 

Studio Sixty Photography
5. If the couple have set a dress code, (this would be listed on the invite) dress accordingly. And also a good thing to note, if you're going to be doing a bit of walking in between reception and ceremony, consider appropriate footwear – this one is more for you than the couple!

6. Don't get too drunk – there's nothing more cringe-worthy than an overly intoxicated guest.

7. Turn your mobile OFF during the ceremony, and make sure to double check that you don't have any alarms set that will go off even when the phone isn't on.

Image from the wedding of Iman and Karina

8. Double check your invite for all miscellaneous info. For example, if the couple have asked for no under 18s, don't bring your kids.

9. Most couples are extremely proud of the wedding that they have put together so try not to compare their wedding to anyone else's.

10. As the couple have invited you specifically, make an effort to thank them and wish them well. 

Have we missed something? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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