Monday, July 8, 2013

Before the Dress! The new bridesmaids' trend

For brides, the 'getting ready' photographs, taken before your wedding ceremony, are undoubtedly some of the most genuine and memorable moments of your day. During these precious moments of your big day, there are so many things happening. Tears, laughter, make-up, hair, donning jewellery, shoes, and of course, the dress.

Here at QB we've seen a lot of these pre-wedding pics, and we've noticed a trend happening. Brides and their lovely bridesmaids enjoy this pre-wedding pampering time all while wearing matching robes. Whether by choice or by happenstance, we love these group shots of brides in their pre-wedding regalia. 

If you'd like to give a gift that keeps on giving (we mean, seriously, who doesn't always want to wear a luxurious and comfy robe whenever they can?), QB has come across Homebodii, who specialise in these bridal robes.

And lucky for us they've just released some pretty new pictures that showcase some of their stunning robes. 

Head over to Homebodii's website to pick your robes!

More and more brides are opting to gift robes to their bridesmaids and colour co-coordinate the robes with their wedding colours. What better way to say thank you than with a gift that is both practical and beautiful?

All images courtesy Homebodii (Photography by Janaka)

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