Monday, July 22, 2013

Love At O'Reilly's

Wedding of Paul and Elisa at O'Reilly's - Chesterton Smith Photography
O'Reilly's is known for its stunning rainforest location in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, but they are also known as a prime location for love. Weddings, honeymoons and couples retreats find O'Reilly's a great spot, the scenic spot a definite draw.

Jill Walker, O'Reilly's freshly appointed wedding coordinator, is no stranger to the love-filled air at O'Reilly's. Jill met her 'one', O'Reilly's Activities Guide Matthew Kelly on the job!

At QB we are hopeless for a good love story, and Matt and Jill are the sweetest.

Jill describes the first time Matt spoke to her, "It was so cute! Matt walked up to the reception desk where I was working and said 'I'm Matt. I like snakes.' There was definitely something about him."

Matt and Jill

If you want to test out the air at O'Reilly's head to for a look.

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