Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Four Tips for your Rainforest Wedding

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Wedding of Greg and Morgan - Matthew Evans Photography
When it comes to rainforest weddings, there's nothing better than that crisp cool air and beautiful sounds of birds singing amongst the trees as you say, "I Do."

But let's get practical. Here are a few pieces of advice to keep you smiling all the way through your wedding day.

1. Be Temperature Savvy 
Rainforests are known to be hot and sticky in summer, but in the cooler months they can be quite brisk. Make sure you plan for the weather as well as your wedding. Summer weddings should be more inclined to dress their menfolk in something lighter than a 100% wool suit, don't you think? And in winter, be nice to your bridesmaids, add a bolero, cardigan or shrug, or even some sleeves to those dresses.

2. Consider your guests
Rainforest weddings are usually a little out of the way for most guests, so consider where they will be staying when picking your venue; if your venue caters for guests be sure to let them know. This is also something to think about when choosing your photographer, makeup and hair artists, and other people you'll need to make their way to the rainforest on your special day.

Wedding of Michael and Tahnee - Tropix Photography

3. Book your reception close-by 
As we stated above, rainforest venues are usually out of the way, so don't book your reception at a venue that will take your guests on a long drive ... where they could potentially get lost. Thankfully most wedding venues offer reception packages as well as ceremony, so think about this when booking.

4. Direction help
This piece of advice works for all weddings actually. On your invitations, or even your wedding website, add directions to your wedding location so your guests don't have to worry. Hinterland rainforests are often ways up winding mountain roads, so advise your guests how much travelling time they need, signposts and landmarks, and anything they should be wary of - like animals on the road!

Wedding of Regan and Gabrielle - Tropix Photography + Ziggy Ziegler Photography

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