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QB Groom's Week - Groom's Best Advice from Elio Moda

Elio Moda
At QB we're all about brides... we're Queensland Brides after all. But that doesn't mean we can't think about our male counterparts at all! For all our stressed out brides, we know that finding an outfit for your husband-to-be that both you and he are happy with can be a troubling task indeed.

We've asked one of our favourite groomswear suppliers Elio Moda for their best advice for grooms (and brides!) choosing their clothes for their upcoming nuptials.

Elio Moda

What fabrics should a groom look to survive a hot Queensland day in style?
There are only two options and they are pure lightweight wool for suiting, and 100% Egyptian Cotton shirts, as these are totally natural fibres which will allow fabrics to breathe.

Does a groom need to wear black? What other colours are popular?
There is no set rule for colour for a groom's wedding; there is a set rule to wear the style and colour that are appropriate to the dress code for the wedding, and is usually dictated by the location of the wedding. Eg. Black tie/black suit; beach wedding/a lighter coloured suit; cocktail wedding/ almost any colour suit, eg light grey, charcoal, dark navy blues, light blues and the list goes on.

Elio Moda
What about no tie? Is this a wedding no no?
Not at all, remember it all comes down to the dress and location of the wedding. You certainly don't have to wear a tie, unless it is for a formal wedding. You can choose to wear a tie on any occasion; however, it is not always necessary or required. On the beach… not necessary, at a high end reception venue with all of the bells and whistles, wearing a tie is more appropriate. A more relaxed approach can be suitable when coordinating the groom's accessories to the wedding party theme and dress. Eg shirt colours, pocket squares, cufflinks and shoe-belt combination. At Elio Moda we are masters of coordinating the perfect tie and accessories for the groom.

My groom never wears a suit and isn't too keen on the idea but I want him to look smart. Are there any other options?
Absolutely, a man can look sharp on his wedding day without wearing a suit, you just need to be creative and stylish with what is chosen and how it’s put together and styled. As long as it isn’t a formal wedding, then it is perfectly fine to not wear a suit. For example a stylish coat, dark dress trousers, collared shirt and pocket handkerchief would be totally acceptable, as would a well-fitted shirt with a vest and matching tailored trousers. And, of course, he must have stylish shoes and belt to match. At Elio Moda we have endless options for that very special day.

Elio Moda
I'm having a beachside wedding, what other options are there than the traditional suit for my groom?
A beautiful lightweight cotton or linen suit would be lovely, also dress trousers made of lightweight wool paired with a collared cotton or linen shirt would be totally acceptable. Usually, lighter colours are more acceptable and appropriate for beach weddings.

Elio Moda advice for that special day
No matter where your wedding takes place, it will be the most memorable day of your lives, so make your wedding day the most stylish day to remember. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

Elio Moda

Thank-you to Elio Moda for answering our questions today! Do you have any advice for wayward grooms? Share it with us in the comments or head on over to our Facebook page.

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