Thursday, September 19, 2013

City Weddings - 7 Tips to make yours memorable

Wedding of Tim & Karenna - Florent Vidal Photographer

Are you having a city wedding? Here are seven tips to make sure your day goes according to plan! 

Hotel help
If your wedding is on during a busy period, or while there is a well-known or highly popular event on in town your guests may struggle to find accommodation. Give them some recommendations of where to stay near the venue, including a range of price points, and suggest a date to have their reservations in by to make sure they have a place to rest their heads!

Where am I?
Cities can be very maze-like. Be very clear in your directions and make sure your venue cannot be confused for another.

Wedding of Sam & Jessica - Nick Murray Photography

Parking Pandemonium
Parking can be a big problem for city weddings. Be clear about reasonably priced parking options as not all venues will offer enough onsite for everyone and CBD parking can be expensive.

Keep 'em busy
If the ceremony and reception are both in the city but there is a gap in between, give your guests some hints about how to fill in their time. 

Wedding of Kris & Stef - Vivid Photography
Dress code
If you're hoping to have a formal wedding, then having a city wedding is a good option as there are many formal venues to choose from. Just make sure you allocate your dress code on your invites so your guests know what to wear.

Photo Hint
Couples should ask their photographer about cool urban backdrops. City architecture can make for a dramatic and stunning wedding album.

Traffic Madness

If you're having a week-day wedding you'd best be wary of the monster that is peak-hour traffic. Give yourself extra time to get to and from your venues if you'll be travelling between 7-9am and 3-6pm.

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