Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fantasy Weddings with Preston Bailey

It is with enormous pleasure that we share with you one of Preston Bailey's recent destination weddings; a mind-blowingly luxurious two-part event guaranteed to take your breath away.

Once you set your eyes on the work of renowned wedding and events organiser extraordinaire Preston Bailey, you're unlikely to forget it. A stylist to the stars (including oprah and donald trump) whose work is characterised by extravagant floral design and lighting, Preston's styling can arguably be labelled as the best, and most lavish, in the world. this two-part wedding began as a luxurious, Monet-inspired garden event at a private property in california, followed by an extraordinary, 1000-guest party in the hills of Java, Indonesia three weeks later. Even if your budget doesn't extend to this calibre of event, or anywhere near it, we're sure this whimsical wedding will leave you in awe and full of inspiration for your very own big day.

Words: Alexandra Schultz

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