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Couture Collective #7 Jack Sullivan of Jack Sullivan Bridal

Meet Jack Sullivan, Queensland wedding gown designer ...

Jack Sullivan
Label: Jack Sullivan Bridal

With his eponymous label turning out several collections of gorgeous, wearable gowns and growing “quicker than I could have imagined” Jack Sullivan certainly has been one to watch. With his signature good humour, keen sense of adventure and a natural sense of style, Jack says he was never going to end up with “a normal job”.With overseas markets beckoning, Jack’s vision for the future is to see the label grow even further in the UK as well as in Europe, New Zealand and of course, Australia. So we don’t see this young gun settling down behind a desk anytime soon!

You label in three words?
Fun. Elegant. Unique.

What are the key trends in your latest collection?
I have used the 50s Glamour as inspiration for this collection.Trends that seem to be popular are ‘waisted’ gowns and slightly rising neck lines. Lace is still very popular and in great demand.

As a designer are you meticulously organised, a chaotic creative or free-thinking?
As a designer and as a person, I am VERY chaotic, which was probably why I wasn’t the best student at school. Whether it is a conversation or an email or working on gowns, I am often going off on tangents and don’t stay on the same task for more than 15- 20 minutes. Often when I am working on a new collection I will have two mannequins with two different gowns next to each other and change from one to the other. 

Choose your muse (either real or fictional) ...
I couldn’t really choose just one ... probably Audrey Hepburn, Miranda Kerr or Megan Gale.

Your favourite designer?
I have a lot of designers I love, but if I had to pick one I would say Mugatu – I loved his Derelicte Collection.

Your best advice to girls looking for their dream gown? I have two pieces of advice ...
Go in with an open mind, whilst you might not like strapless or a full skirt or lace for instance. At Least try one on, so you can confirm that you don’t like it once on.

Don’t buy your gown online from websites!! Every week I talk to brides (often in tears) who thought they were buying a designer wedding gown for $80 when they are normally $2000. If it seems too good to be true – it is! Most of these sites have just stolen images from legitimate companies.

Fabric, structure & embellishment. If you could only choose two, what would they be? 
Fabric and structure.

A lot of my earlier gowns that were popular had very little embellishment or none at all. Without good structure or fabric you are fighting a losing battle. I compare it to chefs that aren’t cooking with fresh ingredients, the results can only be so good if you are using poor materials.

In your workroom we will always find ...
I will pretty much always have music in my workroom, I suppose it comes back to what I was saying before about having a chaotic personality, I will always have distractions and something else going on. Most importantly in my workroom there is always a vodka, lime and soda. 

Get to know Jack Sullivan Bridal
In person
Queensland Stockist: Brides Desire
31 Vulture St (Cnr Paris & Vulture St)
West End, QLD, 4101
Phone 07 3846 7077

On the web

Check out Queensland Brides at and Twitter. Get the latest issue here.

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