Friday, January 18, 2013

30 Top Wedding Trends for 2013 - #10 Shades of Grey

Happy Friday, friends! Before we all go off and enjoy our weekend, think about this trend:

10. Shades of Grey

When we say shades of grey, we're not talking about a particular novel that we all all know. When QB says 'shades of grey', we're being far more literal! These stunning shades of grey look elegant, and team well with vintage-inspired weddings.

Wedding of Adam and Erin
Dove grey has earned its place as a hugely versatile wedding dress neutral. Breathtaking when incorporated into glittering beads, as favoured by J'aton Couture, the colour also pops when teamed with touches of black (revisit Vera Wang's Fall 2011 Collection for the perfect balance).

Lucky for us, the shade can now be found in many bridal stores, and is making regular appearances as bridesmaid dresses. For the modern bridesmaid try teaming with pops of neon, or for a more traditional style combine with a monochrome palette.

Wedding of Erin and Damien
Wedding of Adora and Earl, Broderick Photography
If you're not ready for a grey gown, try this flattering hue for your groom's suit (choose dove, steel grey or charcoal) and complement with pale pink for bridesmaids. Stylish!

Wedding of Tim and Jen
Wedding of Jasmine and Matthew
Wedding of Louise and John CKMetroPhoto
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