Tuesday, January 22, 2013

30 Top Wedding Trends for 2013 - #12 Cool Menswear

The wedding day isn't just for the bride - men ought to get a chance to express their style through their clothes. 

And that's why trend number twelve is...

12. Cool Menswear

Wedding of Justin and Erin

For a shy man who wants to be a subtle about his style will find that a cute bow tie, a patterned tie, sneaky coloured socks, or even quirky cufflinks can be the perfect option.

Wedding of Kristen and Cameron
Men with a little more flair will be more confident in picking their wedding day outfit. Fedoras, boutonnieres, suspenders, or even a suit that shies away from the traditional black can express some well placed style.

Wedding of Shae and Kane

Wedding of Angus and Leah
These nifty additions are perfect for vintage, preppy and country themed weddings. At QB we're loving that more and more grooms are injecting a bit of personality into their wedding ensembles.

Wedding of Rohan and Danielle
Wedding of Marcus and Holly
Wedding of Rebecca and Michael

QB x

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