Friday, January 11, 2013

30 Top Wedding Trends for 2013 - #5 Food Tables and Carts

Happy Friday everybody, the last trend for the week is...

5. Food Tables and Carts

The food cart trend originated in the US where brides and grooms are incorporating New York-style hot dog stands and ice cream trucks into their shots.

Food stalls can now be hired for receptions and provide anything from gourmet delicacies to gelato and hot dogs. A quirky addition that's sure to be a hit with guests. 

Not quite the carting type? Try a sophisticated food or drink station instead.

Studio Impressions: Wedding of Kierra and Chris
Wedding of Rebecca and Michael
My favourite style of food tables are the adorable sweets tables that have been cropping up for a while now. They're perfect for couples with a love of sugar. These sweets tables have a kind of vintage quirkiness that is very much in trend right now. 

Wedding of Georgia and David, Dan / Sol Photography
Wedding of Urszula and John
Not sure what you want on your food cart or table? What are your favourite foods and drinks? Share your favourites with your guests!

Wedding of Nikki and Hona, Photo: Jess Marks Photography
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