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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

30 Top Wedding Trends for 2013 - #2 Colour!

Good morning! To continue with our 2013 top wedding trends we have (drumroll please?)...

(da da dada!)

2. Colour!

Trend number duo is COLOUR!

Wedding of Anna & David, Anna - Wareham Photography
The gorgeous picture above is the lovely Anna, who had a colourful silk gown to replace the traditional white. What do you think?

For couples who like colour but don't want to be outrageous you can simply add a pop of colour to soften or add interest to an all-white scheme.

Karen Buckle Photography
Colour doesn't have to be blocky either, pretty patterns and textures work extremely well also. Try colourful chair cushions, bridesmaid gowns, flowers, you can go crazy.

Judi Blinco, Little Gray Station
You can be creative with your colour as well, it isn't just decor, flowers and fashion that can be colourful. Food and beverages can be colourful as well. Like this fruity signature beverage in individual glass bottles with a cute straw.

CK Metro Photos
For colourful couples who want to express their vibrancy, brightly coloured patterns and flowers can add interest and flair. These pretty blue bouquets are simply stunning, the various shades of blue, purple, and green look stunning against the white of Sheridan's dress.

Wedding of James and Sheridan
Stay tuned for trend #3

QB x

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