Wednesday, January 16, 2013

30 Top Wedding Trends for 2013 - #8 Vintage Mercury

8. Vintage Mercury

New supergroup of styling The Wedding Collective, incorporating some of Queensland’s leading wedding industry experts, are calling elegant Vintage Mercury one of the trends of 2013. 

As vintage themes become more popular, we're becoming more and more versed in the language. Mercury glass was originally a result of, during the blowing process, having a silvered solution imbedded in between two layers of glass, giving it a silver appearance.This 'mercury' glass, has never had any mercury in it at all, but rather was used primarily for tablewear!

To create this Vintage Mercury trend for your wedding, mix dusty pink and white florals with old rustic crystal table wear, vases and glasses - and don't forget the mercury glass! Add a touch of gold and silver with charger plates and the finest silver cutlery, and finish with lace and cream-inspired stationery.

Wedding of Alana and Drew
Wedding of Tobby and Michelle
Wedding of Tobby and Michelle

Wedding of Monty and Courtney
Wedding of Scott and Lauren
Wedding of Mindy and Adrian
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