Thursday, January 10, 2013

30 Top Wedding Trends for 2013 - #4 Paper Art

We're onto our fourth day into the top wedding trends for 2013. Are you ready for the latest?

4. Paper Art

For brides with the DIY gene, who are a bit crafty, the idea of adding a personal touch to your wedding can be quite fun. There's just something about watching people interact with something that you've created that appeals to so many.

Pepe's Paperie 
One of the first places most people start DIY'ing is with paper. Paper aeorplanes, paper dolls, origami - easy to get the hang of and relatively low cost.

So why not find a way to incorporate this fun DIY into your wedding; you can reduce the cost of decorations at the same time as inserting yourself into them - it's a win-win!

Wedding of Sasha and Graham, Brad Peate Photography

A great DIY project for crafty brides or their worker bees are paper garlands, pom poms or even origami cranes.

Another cute idea is to make your own bunting. Super simple, but adorably vintage. Real life couple James and Sheridan definitely have the knack.

Wedding of James and Sheridan
Wedding of James and Sheridan
Paper is available in all the colours of the rainbow, so it is easy to create a beautiful look in one colour or a range of complementary tones. 

Feather and Stone Photography
You can hang your paper art from backdrops, arches, seating or your flowergirls' wrists.

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