Wednesday, February 13, 2013

30 Top Wedding Trends for 2013 - #28 Personalised Detailing

This trend is one of our favourites...

28. Personal Detailing

Personal touches have always been a part of weddings. But we've noticed lately that our brides and grooms are getting a little more into the spirit of things.
Wedding of Joshua and Elissa
Personalise your wedding with pre-wedding bath robes with embroidered labels, or matching tracksuits, wedding shoes with sneaky detailing, or even labelled underwear! Brides' shoes with "I Do" embellished on the soles or heels has been incredibly popular, and we think it's adorable!

Wedding of Meagan and Adam
Wedding of Sammy and Alexandra
Wedding of Adam and Erin
Wedding of Craig and Stacey-Lee
We've heard stories about brides gluing diamantes one by one onto their shoes; groomsmen surprising the bride at the reception wearing underwear with her initials; brides and grooms having fun with embroidered tracksuits with 'Mr' and 'Mrs'. 

Wedding of Scott and Lauren
Wedding of Meagan and Adam
Wedding of Adam and Erin
Wedding of Julian and Mirandah
These cute touches are just another way of making your wedding perfect for you.

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