Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Style Alert! Chevron - You Zig, We Zag

We've noticed lately a trendy style that we're sure you've noticed too. It's called 'chevron' and it's all about the zig and the zag.
Simply Devine By JoAnn
Chevron has only recently started popping up in weddings, but we have to admit it looks great! Particularly in this lemon, grey, and white palette we've been seeing so much.
Lilac and Lily Designs
The Bakers Confections
Chevron can work both subtly and with a more bold palette. 

Cherished Blessings
Apple and Ivy
AO3 Designs

The best way to use chevron in your wedding is to keep it to an accent rather than the main attraction as the zigzaggy pattern can tend to be a bit much for the eyes when overused.

Chevron is perfect for a modern-vintage theme. Pick a palette of colours and centre the chevron theme around those colours. 

Mod Dot Textiles

How can I use it?
Nearly any way you can possibly think of! Clothing, accessories, decor, place settings, stationery, favours, the list is endless.
A Stylish Design
Inspira Designs
Try this!
Gorgeous chevron bunting in the colour of your choice with a fairly neutral backing colour to draw attention to a colour themed buffet table. Mix chevron style with soft paper pom-poms for cute decor.

Belly of a Whale
Lillian Kate
Yummy Paper

Our real life wedding couple James and Leah made perfect use of the chevron style, not allowing it to overwhelm, but complementing their colour choices.

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