Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fanciful Florals

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The romance of a wedding is often found in the details, most importantly, the flowers. Floral arrangements set the mood for a special occasion and create the perfect backdrop for love, their delicate scents evoking the happiest of wedding memories for the rest of time.

Here are a few fanciful floral ideas to get you thinking...

For a woodsy wedding, try mixing those soft pastels with greenery to really bring out the romance. Wedding Flowers By Natalina.

Rustic benches teamed with rusty coloured blooms will spice up any wedding. Bouquet Boutique.

Try this gorgeous arrangement; sit some muted toned flowers within the subtle arc of a candelabra. Tall pieces on the ends of a long table really bring out the delicate blooms. Stem Design

Bright poppies and foxglove work well together in cute glass jars masquerading as vases. Bouquet Boutique

Try an elongated bouquet rather than a rounded shape to bring out the beauty in some bigger blooms. Bella Bloom 

For a vintage feel use old style vases with an eclectic mix of flowers. Bouquet Boutique

Try mixing tropical flowers with rustic hessian. The roughness of the hessian really brings out the smooth texture and colouring of the blooms. Wedding Flowers By Natalina.

Flowers look absolutely gorgeous running down the aisle on the innermost seats. Try a modern chair with some classic flowers for a bit of a twist. Bouquet Boutique

For a bouquet that really pops, mix in some bling. A little added babies' breath will soften the diamantes. Gullys Garden

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