Thursday, February 14, 2013

30 Top Wedding Trends for 2013 - #29 Fun Photos

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Your wedding is supposed to be an occasion filled with laughter and joy, that's why we're loving this latest trend...

29. Fun Photos

Wedding of Jasmine and Matthew
One of our favourite things about weddings is checking out all the lovely photos that you send in to us. Gone are the days of stiff and formal wedding pictures. Couples are now focussed on capturing the enjoyment of the day, the laughs and happiness. 

Wedding of Adam and Erin
Wedding of Brenton and Rachael
Wedding of Adam and Kelly

Wedding of Stephanie and Jamie
We've definitely picked up on the fun vibe that our Real Life couples have been sending out. Fun photo shoots are a great way to relax you, they look natural and the memories will come roaring back every time you glance at one of your fun wedding pics.

Wedding of Sam and Jessica 
Wedding of Cameron and Chloe
For a couple who want their guests to have the same amount of fun as they have, try a photo booth or handing out photo props.

Wedding of Linda and Jeremy
Wedding of Elley and James

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