Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spotlight on Magical Magnetic Island

If you're looking for a sunny tropical wedding amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery Australia has on offer, then Magnetic Island is the destination for you. With around 320 days of sunshine per year, you're almost guaranteed to wed beneath a blue sky, the year-round balmy temperatures ideal for outdoor events.

Photo: MaryAnne Law - Magnetic Island Photography
North Queensland's Magnetic Island, a secluded oasis of soaring pines, rugged granite boulders and crystal clear waters, provides the perfect backdrop for romance.

Our wedding weather tip:

Enjoy a tropical winter by booking your Magnetic Island nuptials in June-July when weather is still a comfortable average of 25 ̊C and rain is rare.

Photo: MaryAnne Law Photography
Situated just 8 kilometres off Townsville, Magnetic Island is a relaxed, easily-accessible hideaway which attracts North Queensland locals as well as tourists.The island houses a variety of accommodation, ranging from budget backpackers to luxury penthouses, and offers plenty of transport options including car, motorbike and buggy rentals.

Photo: Tourism Queensland
Our wedding transport tip:
Catch the 'water cat' off Townsville for a speedy 20-minute ride to the island or hire your transport through either an island or Townsville business (many provide services which include Magnetic Island as an available location).

The range of reception options on Magnetic Island includes – open marquees, garden settings beneath twinkling fairy lights, and outdoor decks as well as restaurants and function rooms to suit every taste and budget. Various packages are also on offer, as well as options to combine your wedding and honeymoon.

Photo: MaryAnne Law - Magnetic Island Photography
Our wedding reception tip:
Take advantage of the breathtaking location by holding an evening reception outdoors – the balmy air and gentle sea breezes minus the hot sun make for an ideal setting.

Activities are varied for those who are staying on the island for an extended period, generally set outdoors to make the most of the perfect weather and warm water. Jet skiing, kayaking, four-wheel drive tours, sailing and snorkelling are just a few of the activities on offer, otherwise kick back by one of the hotel pools.

Photo: Tourism Queensland
Photo: MaryAnne Law Photography
Our wedding honeymoon tip:
Organise a romantic oceanside horse ride at dusk for the ultimate honeymoon memory.

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