Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Real Life Wedding Advice 101

Don't let stress get in the way of your wedding planning. We've uncovered these helpful tips from recent Queensland newlyweds to help get you the most out of your wedding experience! Here are some of our favourites...

1. "Research, research, and then do more research, and once you have made your choices don't second guess yourself. Just relax and enjoy every single moment, as it goes by so fast, and for heavens sake don't stress; the day only happens once and you want to enjoy it no matter what may go wrong."

Declan and Cassandra, Noosa Heads

2. "Take the time to research all avenues, and add your own personal touches to your special day. Don't be afraid to make things yourself as your guests will love it. Visit bridal expos as you get to see alot of suppliers on show and see their creations. Jot everything down, make a note book and anything you think of add it before it leaves your mind. But mostly enjoy all the preparation and planning as that special day is over in a blink of an eye."

3. "Make sure you have a videographer to capture everything on the day because it all goes so quickly! You won't even hear the music as you walk down the aisle or remember the vows and speeches... all of the candid memories and details are forgotten so quickly so it is great to be able to re-live the day for years to come."
Daniel and Cindy, Sanctuary Cove

4. “Maintain your focus on what you want. Everyone wants to give you advice and it all comes from a good place but when you go off track to please others, it makes it feel like it’s not your and your partner’s day. It really helps to strip it back to what you both want and keep that in your mind at all times. You can learn some wonderfully polite ways for saying thank you but no thank you!” 
Louise & John, Toowoomba 

5. "Think about what makes you a couple and what you love to enjoy, then make your wedding setting and theme similar. Use items from your life to add a personal touch."
Drew and Alana, Noosa Sound

6. “At your reception, try not to split up when you’re talking to guests – spend the time with your husband talking to people together, that way you have shared memories.”
Moira & Kristian, Brisbane

7. “Organise everything gradually. Have a break if you’ve had enough ... and then tackle it again with fresh thoughts.”
Fiona & Joel, Port Douglas 

It seems that being organised in your wedding planning is key, with many couples believing in staying true to who you are as a couple and incorporating these elements into your special day. Our favourite? To capture the atmosphere of your wedding celebrations, consider hiring a videographer or allowing guests to play filmmaker throughout your ceremony and reception.

What do you think of these wedding savers? Do you have any helpful advice to add? 

QB x

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