Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Autumn Flower Guide

Attention all Autumn brides! Don't be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the floral arrangement for your special day. Follow our seasonal Autumn guide to discover the types of flowers and plants that will work best for your upcoming nuptials.

As the weather starts to cool, look to deep shades of red, burnt orange, and mustard. Use seasonal berries like Rhombifolia in your bouquet or fill tall vases with delicate twigs and winding spider orchids and vibernum to decorate your reception.

Calla Lilly




Easter Daisy


Garden Roses


Pixie Carnation

Privet Berry 

Rococo Tulip

Strawberry Leaves

 Tropical Orchid



So there you have it, our Autumn flower edit. Deep purples and earthy tones will warm any Autumn wedding, especially as the days become shorter and cooler. 

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Images: Nigerian Wedding; Living the Sustainable Life; Miss Pixelulu; Petunia's Petals; Amore Bride (Etsy); Yvonne Egbudin (Etsy); Hens and Chicks Flowers; Patalina; Snapdragon Garden; Rosalind Creasy

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